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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two Can Be the Loneliest Number!

So, here's the deal:  Queen Ginger has been doing this little blog for several years now, starting it back when she was just a princess!  It's never been about "being a blogger" or "standing for" anything, it's just a little corner of the interwebz where a drag queen can be herself, speak her mind, have some fun, and make a few friends along the way. And oh, what friends she's made! Her blog friends, like her friends in life, are not huge in numbers, but they are great, like-minded people that she's thrilled to have in her life!

Some, she's met in person, like her dear, dear sister David Dust, along with crazy Cousin Maddie!  On the west coast, she's got the Mermaid Momma, Creative Kailyn, and Fightin' Mad Mary!  And covering the middle of the country, Nutwood Beth and Bucko.   The more she thinks, the more she realizes she's met!  Chicago Dan, and everyone's 2nd favorite drag queen, Amber LeMay.  DJ Howard. Is she forgetting anyone? Oh, Sissy Mark! Who else....? 

And there's still more to meet!  Tug, and Auntie Flame, for sure!  Smalltown Bob, and Mr. and Mrs. Miss Alaineous! The world is filled with GingerSnaps, and Queen G wants to meet them all!  She's cooking up a few little round-ups around the country this spring, but tentatively we are looking at the 2nd weekend of Jazzfest in NOLA, the week after Easter in NYC, and a jaunt to the west coast sometime in May.  Any takers?

Meanwhile, let's reel things back in to the point of this post!  While Queen Ginger is all about quality, not quantity, she has realized that over these years, she has collected 98 wonderful, registered, card-carrying GingerSnaps, and for that she is truly grateful!  But, she also realizes, this box is a couple of 'snaps shy of full!  Wouldn't it be great to have an even 100?  
She only needs 2 more!!  C'mon, folks! If you've been reading, but you're not following, do a girl a favorite and set up a free google account so you can be an official "GingerSnap!" And, if you've got like-minded friends who might enjoy kicking back a few pinot grigios with the world's most entertaining drag queen, send 'em a link!  The world can only be a more FABULOUS place for it!


Dannelle said...

I wish for two more followers on Queen ginger's blog- (waving my magic wand) poof- they shall appear!

pecornola said...

Hey George, I'm snap 99.

David Dust said...

Only one to go!!!


mrs.missalaineus said...

i'll see if it will let me add you again to the new location-



Miss Ginger Grant said...

Thanks, Pecor!! One more to go!!

Yasmin said...

Well done you I remeber when you started on AOL..and your still going strong.


lawngirl said...

You will have to show me how to sign up. MBC

lawngirl said...

Figured it out. Amazing

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Doubtful for NOLA for us, but we are doing Rte66 and will be on the West Coast, Santa Monica, around mid-June.

Thanks for being our friend!

nancy netherland said...

Baby- I love you and want to start a new identity just so I can help... I have photos for you of your baby girls in the ginger princess finery..

love you-zombie mome

Beth said...

Hey, you got your 100th follower! Super cool!

As Ken said, we're pretty well booked up as far as vacations go this year, but if you happen to add a weekend in Chicago at some point during the summer, that's a possibility. XOXO


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