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Saturday, January 28, 2012

That's Radiculus!

Lot's been going on in GingerLand, folks, so the Queen's gonna catch you up!  

Great progress was being made on the gown for the Royal Return, with plenteous help from the Queen's able bodied assistant!  It's like that girl's claws are scissors, I'll tell you! As you can see, she loves to sew!

Things were going swimmingly there for a while, with satin and fur falling together beautifully!  (Not Shelby's fur... the fur that goes on the bottom of the gown!)

Anyho,  about Wednesday a week ago,  the Queen woke up "down in the back", as she often does.  

Only this time it was much different. Worse. much worse.  And shooting. It often shoots, but this time, it was like someone try to steal her leg by prying it off at the hip with a screw driver!  

Dr. Ken has only been able to relieve it slightly, and for a short term.  It was so bad the the Queen resorted to narcotics at night in order to sleep, but vicodin makes her too sleepy to take it during the day, so she'd down a few advils and suffer through it. After a few visits with no results, Dr. Ken said those words our Royal has been dreading:  "it's time for an MRI".

Let me tell you, those things are no walk in the park!  Your back is already killing you, and they put you on this hard table and slide you into this tiny hole barely big enough for your leg!  You know these things must be designed and built in Asia because a normal-sized American barely fits inside!

I had visions of my favorite Bunny Sister having to bring one of his hotties  Christopher Robin to pull me out!

Anyway, once they get you wedged in there, the work crews get busy, jackhammering and drilling and banging out the image. From the noise the thing makes, your would think they are hammering out a picture of your insides on stone tablets!

It will take about a week for the dust to settle and the images to be ready.  Dr. Ken predicts he will find degeneration or prolapse between L4 and L5, which is causing "Lumbar Radiculitis", more commonly know as "sciatica".  

Meanwhile,  sewing had come to a complete halt- until today.  At the worst, it was impossible to find a comfortable position- sitting, standing, or lying down, hence the vicodin.  As some of the therapy has taken effect, the pain is not as intense, and the Queen has been able to return to the sewing machine and computer, hence this update.

Thank goodness Boy G is on vacation from work next week, so he can help the Queen get all this sewing finished before the big deadline of February 11th!  


David Dust said...

I'll get some of the Urges boys and we'll be right down!!!


mistress maddie said...

Well sweetie pie, your you sure you don't have those missing houseboys of mine! One of them has exceptional sewing skills believe it or not. And I never thought I hear the day you complained about being on your back!?!

mrs.missalaineus said...

we hope you feel better soon- i also can't wait to see the finished project- i want to see how the bloomers you told us about before play into the final presentation.


Beth said...

Ouch, I hope it eases up soon. :( Sounds terribly painful.

I love the way Shelby is lovin' on the sewing machine!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Perhaps some vino with the pain killers will make it tolerable :o) Hope you feel better soon.

Joy said...

I hate that noise during an MRI!! It sounds like being inside a metal trash can while someone beats on it with hammers and other metal things. Horrible.

Hope you're better soon. You definitely need houseboys!


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