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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well, Adjusted!

Boy G's appointment with the chiropractor went quite well for the first visit! Of course, he knew that Dr. Ken was adorable and charming, but she also found him to be compasionate, smart, and very intuitive- all great traits for a caregiver!

He is the first caregiver of any type who was willing to accept, nay, EMBRACE, the fact that the back pain is caused by the foot pain! He totally understood the dancing doll analogy! And then, he asked the question that cinched Boy G's respect for him: "Did you wear corrective shoes as a child?!"

Oh, God, yes, I wore corrective shoes, and oh God, how I hated them!!! "What kind did you have to wear?" Tap shoes! And I hated them!

In the 60's, all grammar schools had linoleum floors.
I sounded like the fuckin' Rockettes when I walked down the hall! "Why did you have to wear them?" Because my feet would roll inward and wear out the sole and heel of my shoes. "When did you stop wearing them?" In the 7th grade, when I told my mother I would not go to junior high in those damn shoes! I swear, I would have killed myself first! I finally won the battle! "And that's when you ruined your feet!"

They are like ground meat now.. he could see that when he had me take my shoes off. They offer no support to my back at all, and throw my knees and hips completely out of alignment, causing me to use muscles for walking and standing that weren't designed for walking and standing. It all makes perfect sense!

All of this has led to swelling, inflamation, arthritis, and scar tissue. None of this is a surprise, either! So, step one is to get rid of as much of that as possible, so we can see how much damage is done!

Today, I got to lay on a traction table, which was kind of like a wonderful upside-down massage. After abut 10 minutes of that, I got another 10 minutes or so of electrical stimulation, or, as Miss Ginger calls it, "back fireworks". Then, the kind Doctor came in and examined and manipulated my back, which was not unlike a massage, but more purposeful.
He gave me some advice for reworking my office spaces, explaining that normal computer keyboards are designed for tiny Asian people (not his exact words!) and because I am so broad-shouldered and muscled (swoon, Boy G's heart!) I need a split keyboard that comes in 2 sections so my hands can be the same distance apart as my shoulders. Again, makes perfect sense!

Boy G goes back Friday. Now, Miss G is trying to figure out how SHE can get to meet the FABULOUS Dr. Lester!


Zombie Mom said...

Yeah for you. It sounds like you may get to be pain free sooner than later and I am so glad for you.

Kailyn said...

I use an ergonomic keyboard at work. It's fabulous -- as long as you are a touch typist. I also have a monitor stand so that my monitor sits at eye level when I am properly seated. My back loves me once more. Because it has hated me for years due to a slip and fall in which I did damage to soft tissue around my hip. And before that wS the soft tissue damage to the knee on the same side from dropping a beer keg on it -- work related. Until I got the ergonomic setup at work, I had spent years in constant pain, downing advil, flexeril and vicodin.

Bob said...

Good news for Boy G!
I knew as soon as I saw the blog title!

Mark in DE said...

Miss G better stay away because the doc will surely tell her to stay off those high heels!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

How could a doc with a name like Ken steer you wrong? Glad you are getting some good help and advice.

mistress maddie said...

Why do I get the feeling you are already planning on how to put your back out again?

Joy said...

This sounds promising for sure. Your feet are a hot tranny mess! Those high heels haven't helped any!!!! I know from wearing them while teaching on tile-covered concrete floors for decades!

I'm so glad you found someone who can help you and is also hot!!

Kyle said...

I'm so glad he could help, and that he was able to give you advice you could start to implement right away.


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