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Monday, January 18, 2010

Please Pray for Nog!

Or his soul.... Miss Ginger is not sure which is appropriate right now.
You may recall that Nog had a battlescar that Miss Ginger has been nursing, and it seemed to be healing beautifully. Everyday when he had his breakfast and dinner, Miss G would check it and make sure it was staying clean. The fur was even starting to grow back over it, so all seemed well there!

And little Noggins also has the nickname "Snotnose Jones" because he always seems to have a runny nose! It's usually clear, he's hungry and playful and it doesn't seem to bother him, and it's alway comes and goes, so we've not worried too much about it!

Until Saturday. When Miss G went out to give Nog his breakfast, he had blobs of green snot hanging out of both nostrils. Ewe! He was playful and hungry, but Miss G knew that couldn't be good, so she figured she'd be taking him to the vet on Monday. Sunday, there was green snot all over his bed, (cats can't really blow their noses, yaknow!) and he looked like he didn't feel too good, but still, he ate. Miss Ginger made the very bad decision to wait until Monday instead of going to the emergency vet. Now she REALLY regrets that decision!

Come Monday morning, Nog is nowhere to be found. He didn't come for breakfast, and Miss G coudn't find him in any of his normal places. I'm sure the neighbors were totally over the crazy drag queen rattling a bowl of catfood and screaming "NOG!" all morning! No Nog, so Miss G went on in to work and worried about him all day! At the best case scenario he has a little kitty sinus infection, which is miserable enough when you can blow your nose and take sudafed! From the amount of snot on his bed, it is probably more likely that he has pneumonia. Why, oh why, didn't I take him on Sunday!?

Mid afternoon it occured to Miss Ginger that since it had become sunny (finally!), perhaps Nog would show up for a midday sunbath, so she called Miss Sonna and asked if she would run by the house and see if she could find him. She did, and she said she saw him in the brambles under the tree by the driveway, but he wouldn't come out and she couldn't get to him. Still, Miss G was happy to know he was alive, so she slammed the rest of her work into her briefcase and headed out the door. When she got home, she searched all through those brambles, but no sign of Nog. But then, she saw 2 little green eyes a little farther down the hedgerow, and then a little black nose and little black ears. And then, a sparkling white vest and tiny white boots! WTF? Nog is solid black- naked- no clothes, no shoes. Just black! So who is this little kitty? The G's have never seen it before!

So now, Miss G is more in a quandry than ever. Did Miss Sonna really see Nog, or was it just this little imposter? And either way, where is Nog now?! Miss G has his little crate all ready, and if she ever sees him again she's gonna pop him in it and take him to whatever vet is open!
She has cried her eyes out thinking he might be dying, cold and lonely, hiding in brambles somewhere too weak to make it home! And it would be all her fault for not taking him when she first noticed something was wrong! How can she be so cruel and irresponsible!?


David Dust said...

OMG - I am so sorry!!! I pray Nog shows up and you can get him to the kitty doctor.

Hang in there.


Bob said...

Oh Miss G.
You know what a cat man i am, so i am praying for you and for Nog.
We once had a cat disappear for many days, and then she just showed up again. She'd never doen that before and didn't dfo it again, so maybe Nog is doing the same.
Hope he's well.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i hope our nog is home soon. their are kids in my class that pray daily for all the lost and homeless animals and i will think nog's name when we recite our intentions tomorrow at the end of the day.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Nog is in my thoughts, I am confident he will show up strutting his stuff soon.

behrmark said...

Winston and I are praying to Bastet, the cat goddess, that Nog returns soon and you can get him to the vet. Cats as you know are amazing and resilient creatures; perhaps he took himself to the vet? Don't be too hard on yourself; it's not easy being parent to a cat. BEHR HUGS for you and Nog.

Joy said...

I know it won't do any good to tell you this, but don't rake yourself over the guilt coals about not taking Nog to the vet already. You didn't know and did the best you could under the circumstances. 20/20 hindsight and all that.

Sometimes they go to their little cat caves to heal themselves. I hope this happened. It's so hard when they disappear and you never know what happened to them. I've been there. It's agony!

Bless you and Nog! Hugs, hugs, and many more hugs!!!

Kailyn said...

Here's to hoping that Nog returns soon. And maybe Nog sent the other kitteh to lead you to him.


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