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Monday, January 4, 2010

"Hard Freeze" Forecasted for South Texas!

In South Texas, when the temp drops below 32 degrees for more than 12 hours, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declares a "hard freeze" and warns us to hunker down and prepare for the wrath of God!
According to the Houston Chronicle, we are advised that "those with agricultural interests in the warned area are advised to protect tender vegetation. Pets should be kept inside. Outside pipes or sprinklers should be adequately insulated." Well, as Miss Ginger has said many times before, if the son of a bitch freezes, she didn't want it in her garden anyway!!!

But, she does worry about her darling outside boy, Nog!

Nog's outdoor heating source has served him well for the past few years, but it has distinct limitations. First, it can't go on the deck. Secondly, it has to be constantly "stoked" or it will burn out rather rapidly. And, finally, the smoke makes Miss Ginger's frocks stink to high heaven!

So, this leads us to the 2nd of Miss Ginger's promised Consumer Product Reviews, hereforeto dubbed Miss G's CPR's!®

Cold Kitties

Mr. Heater Tough Buddy Portable Propane Heater
Miss Ginger has had her eye on the "Mr. Heater" product since she first saw it at Lowes last year. But, at over $200, she couldn't really justify it's cost, especially considering last years particularly mild winter. But this year, after it was marked down to 139.99, and then to 104.99. she decided the time is right.

It's really a pretty remarkable product. According to the manual, it is appropriate for heating enclosed shelters, such as barns, outbuildings, and garages, and for temporary emergency heating of residential structures. Perfect for South Texas, because if a "hard freeze" turns into an "ice storm" we could be without power for weeks!

The Mr. Buddy uses (2 ) 1-pound propane tanks, available at any home improvement center, and even Sam's Club! The unit is self lighting, and has 3 heat settings. On the lowest heat setting, the manual claims 220 hours of warmth. Miss G hasn't had the product for 220 hours, but she can tell you that on "high" the yield was probably more like 8 hours. It has an oxygen sensor and self-monitored pilot, along with a gravity sensor, so the unit shuts itself off if the pilot goes out, the oxygen level drops in the vicinity, or the unit is tipped or moved.

At first Nog didn't feel particularly safe around his new heater,

but once he became confortable with it's features and benefits, he told Miss Ginger he gives it "4 kibbles"!

That equates in GingerSpeak to 4 lipsticks! This product is worth it's price for the flexibility and safety it offers, while keeping her little boy warm and toasty!

De they have "hard freezes" where you live?


Joy said...

We're having one now! It's really cold here! Low teens and single digits predicted. That heater does seem like a good plan for Nog. He won't come in when it's that cold? Is something wrong with his shoulder?

Michael Rivers said...

We are very cold in the midwest. It was -30 a few nights ago. Ugh! But, we should get back to our "normal" winter temps soon. I'm sure this product could be used by many people up here!

David Dust said...

You know, for a population who hardly blinks an eye at an approaching hurricane - cold weather makes you all lose your minds. God love ya...

BTW, I think we've been in a "Hard Freeze" since Saturday.

I'm glad Nog has such a good Mama, who looks out for him and keeps his little booty warm.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Thanks for the review. I have three oil heaters in the workout garage, but it rarely gets above 60 degrees in the winter. I am thinking of a supplemental source :o)

mistress maddie said...

Well girl join the rest of us in this deep cold. And that heater is great for Nog. Thanks for looking out for our outdoor friends. Now, how will Miss G being staying warm? Maybe the adorable BR could help! And yes, that Wanamakers is now a Macy's.

Kyle said...

Nog is so lucky to have you Miss G. He looks so happy to have his picture snapped. Glad he can keep warm during your latest cold spell.


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