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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


If you have followed TFBOMGG for any time, you may know that there are 2 things that Miss Ginger truly adores: Sam's Club and vodka! So imagine her shrieks of joy when she read in the Houston Chronicle that Sambo's is going to offer it's own brand of premium vodka, Rue 33!

Miss G did a little online research, and it's true! Rue 33 will be a wheat vodka make in France and imported for exclusive sale in 241 Sam's Club locations by the end of January! While the French are not particulary known for their vodkas, Miss G has enjoyed the only well-known French vodka she can think of, Ciroc, on many occassions! She finds it to be exceptionally smooth and martini worthy!

Rue 33 will initially be offered only in 1.75ml bottles, but as it's popularity grows, Miss G is confident that Sam's Club will begin to stock it in their customary 5 gallon buckets and 55 gallon drums!

There's only one teeny little problem: due to some arcance redneck liquor laws, Sam's Club can't sell liquor in Texas! For whatever reason, grocery stores and chains like Sam's can sell all the wine and beer they want, even on Sunday after noon, but no one except state licensed liquor stores can sell distilled spirits! Quelle dommage! How on EARTH will Miss Ginger provide her readers with the in-depth Consumer Review that they expect and deserve if she can't buy the product in her state?!

Now to worry, dear readers! Miss G has you covered! Next door, in her home state of Louisiana, they sell liquor at Sam's Club... the grocery store... 7-11.... most bait and tackle shops... even Walgreens! So, the next time Boy G takes a little business trip to the motherland, he intend to bring back a bottle or 2 of Rue 33 for Miss G to put through her rigorous testing process!!! She make sure it works properly in martinis, bloodies, cosmos, and anything else she can think of! It doesn't get lipsticks 'till Miss G says it gets lipsticks!



Mark in DE said...

The states where I've lived (VA, MD, DE) do not sell vodka in grocery stores either.

Bob said...

The lengths you will go to for your readers and their quest for product testing.
I applaud you!

Beth said...

Sweet! I hope it's good stuff. I was told that the best vodka in the world is Polish vodka. But a Polish guy was telling me that. It was delicious, but then I'm no vodka connoisseur.

Hope you report from Mardi Gras in NOLA...I'm sure it will be a crazy time! XOXO Beth

MadeInScotland said...

55 gallons of wodka?! We may never see you again miss GG!



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