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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nog's Bobo!

A very observant Auntie Flame noted Nog's bobo in a comment she made! Nog told Miss Ginger he snagged his shoulder on a nail while he was making rounds under the house, but she's pretty sure he lost a turf battle! It's a nasty open wound, so Miss G has been keeping an eye on it, and sure enough, yesterday he showed up with nasty yellow pus oozing from it!

Now, Nog is a gentle sort, and LOVES his Momma Ginger, but he's an outdoorsy sort of fellow and just a step away from feral, so the thought of a trip to the vet is not happy for he or his Momma!

Ginger decided to attempt home treatment, figuring at this point there wouldn't be much the vet could do for the wound that she couldn't do at home. So, she got some peroxide and antiseptic, and some antibiotic ointment and cotton balls, and set up a little "clinic" for him right there on his back porch!

She thought cleaning the wound and getting the antibiotic on would be a right kerfuffle, but as it turns out, he was very trusting and patient as Nurse Ginger dabbed away the nastiness with peroxide, cleaned it up with antiseptic, and patted on the the antibiotic. He was such a brave little boy and he didn't cry or struggle at all!
He seems to be doing much better today, so Miss G will keep an eye on it and keep treating it. Hopefully it will heal nicely and his shiny black fur can grow back over!


miss alaineus said...



i had a side of kymyc with my korean pork dumplings.

Joy said...

You're a regular Florence Nightingale, Miss Ginger! Glad Nog is getting special treatment and that you don't have to transport him to the vet.

David Dust said...

You are such a good Mama.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad Nog cooperated and you did not get shredded :o)

Kyle said...

It doesn't look too bad in the picture, but I'm glad you took care of it for him. Nog looks like such a sweet little one, I'd hate for him to get sick. I'm happy Nog was a good little boy and didn't fight you while you tended to him.


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