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Saturday, January 2, 2010

So Far, So Good!

So far the new year has treated the G's pretty well! Miss G, as per usual, stayed home with the kittehs on New Year's Eve to give Boy G a chance to go out with the rest of the amateur drunks! It worked out perfectly, since he had been invited to ring in the new decade with FABULOUS friends Tom and John. Tom spent most of the eve prepping and cooking the requisite foods for luck and money, while John spent most of the night filling glasses for himself and others, as evidenced but the photo below! Certainly no one went thirsty at this party!
Boy G apparently spent most of the evenining copping photo ops with Houston's least eligible non-bachelor, the uber-handsome and extremely friendly BR!!!
Photo op #1:

Photo op #2:
Photo op #3:
And this was just on Boy G's camera! I know there were many, many more!!! Can ya blame him!
Of course, uber-cutie is waaaaay off limits, because he is betrothed to the equally FABULOUS and ultra-fun Miss Meg, mother of the other super cutie, Baby Jack (not pictured; past his bedtime!) They are the most adorable family in the gayborhood! (wrong Jack in this picture!)
Boy G copped quite a few photo ops with Mrs. R as well, along with resident baybays Gretchen (t) and Toby (b). (These are photo references, not sexual labels.) We didn't get into all that. Although, according to Boy G, Miss Gretchen has breath that comes in somewhere between "sewer gas" and "Fat Bastard farts"! That doggie needs Orbit®! Just sayin'!
Boy G actually made it until midnight, because he heard that Dick Clark was going to count down the last 10 seconds, and Boy G thought he might have meant not "of the 00's" but "of his life", so it seemed historic. But, as Carson Daly droned and bored and pimped and preened into the new year, Boy G finally realized something: "we're on the wrong fuckin' channell!"
Oh, well!! By that point it was time to wander home and get some rest so Boy G could spend the day with 2 of his favorite people on Earth: "the Lesbians!"
Happy New Year, one and all!


Michael Rivers said...

Very fun photos!!

miss alaineus said...

looks like a festive time was had by all!

tosiforu= a blend of tofu and toast.

mistress maddie said...

YEA Miss G, it look like you were enjoying those photo ops alright! But I can't blame you one bit, he's adorable! I hope you to have a FABULOUS year honey!

Joy said...

Love the photos! Looks like a fun party for sure. Happy New Year!!!

Howard said...

Happy New Year, Ginger & Boy G!

Dan said...

Happy New Year to You as well!!!!

Mark in DE said...

Looks like fun! HNY!!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Looks like an enjoyable evening. Happy New Year :o)

Kyle said...

Great photos Miss G! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.


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