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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brave Little Man!

So, if you follow Boy G on facebook, you know he and Nog took a trip to the emergency vet clinic last night! We are lucky to have a 24 hour clinic here, and it's right by the Galleria, not too far from the house!

Nog showed up around 9pm, still snotty and wheezy and sounding like a sleestack!

Miss Ginger promised to God that if he came back she would take him to the vet right then and there, so after a little bit of a kerfuffle she got him into a carrier (only the 2nd time in his life!) and off they went!

The folks at the clinic couldn't be nicer! The lady at the desk, Tootsie, was SOOOO sweet, and when she heard Nog's breathing she had a tech come out right past all those pukey dogs to take a look! For us cat people, puke is a way of life, but apparently dog people get all freaked out at the first little pile of vomit. Titty babies! Anyway, the lady heard his snotty breathing, and we went right back for more inspection.

She listened to his heart and lungs, and thankfully they both sounded clear, reducing the likelihood of pneumonia. Then she took his little temperature, butthole style, and he didn't even scream or flinch! That process makes my inside kitties howl like banshees! Maybe Nog is a "friend of Toto!"

Anyway, temp normal, so we waited a bit for the Dr., who looked not unlike Santa Claus in the off-season! The kind and gentle Doctor gave Nog a good look over, and said that he thought he would be okay, but I was smart to bring him in when I did. "No," thought Boy Ginger, "I would have been smart to have brought him in YESTERDAY when I first realized he was really sick! But that's not for here!" So I just averted my eyes like humans do when they are ashamed of themselves!

So we got home at 2am, and Miss Ginger sat up with him for about 1/2 an hour to make sure he got settled in. Then we all went to sleep for a few hours! Jackson and Shelby were up at 7am, and Nog showed up for his breakfast shortly after, so things are looking good.

He decidedly did NOT want a dose of Benadryl® when Boy G got home from work with it, and stormed off in a huff when Miss G tried to give it to him! I think he'll be back for breakfast in the am, though! Positive thoughts!

By the way, it's not exactly a "consumer" product, but Miss G MUST do a quick CPR® on Convenia® injectible antibiotic by Pfizer®! Anyone who has ever given a cat a pill knows that it's virtually impossible, and liquid drops are not much easier! Convenia® is a 14-day single injection! As long as he doesn't get worse, Nog is good to go for 14 days, and after that, if he's shown improvement but is not better, we can go to our regular vet for another! Whomever invented that must have been a cat lover, and it definitely gets 5 lipsticks from Miss G!

Thanks again to everybody for your prayers and good wishes! Your sweet comments here and on facebook definitely talked this old girl down off of a couple of ledges!


Joy said...

Yes, giving a cat a pill is a bad experience and so is the liquid medicine. I'm so glad to learn about that injection! Hope Miss Brigit won't need it, but if she does, maybe she can have that.

I know you are beyond relieved about Nog! I am so glad he's back and on the mend!!!


behrmark said...

I am so happy to hear that it isn't serious - not that kitty snot isn't serious - but not seriouser serious. And your telling of the adventure had me in stitches. It is a true gift to look in the face of adversity and crack a joke. Kitty purrs to Nog and Behr Hugs to Miss G and Boy G!!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you had good luck. Sheeba is a banshee as well, and we avoid the vet at all costs.

David Dust said...

That picture of Nog at the vet is priceless. He is certainly plotting your destruction. Watch your back Girl!!

BTW - "Friend of Toto" ... CLASSIC!!!!


Mr.Mischief said...

Dog owners call that the "stinkeye" your shoes and your extremities for a while!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i am so glad the nog-ster is ok and will be back to his old self in short order. believe it or not, i cried once when i thought my cat had gotten out (shhhhh dont tell).

the med + cat thing: i had to give a friend's cat insulin injections once when he and his wife were out of town. cat + shot = mission impossible.

mings has great chinese food!


Bob said...

Glad to hear about Nog's vet trip.
Glad to hear he's back and feisty as ever.

mistress maddie said...

Ah Miss G I'm so happy everything turned out so nice! Loves the picture of the Nog at the vet. He looks soooooooo thrilled, but you know behind that look he was grateful to you and he knows you saved his life.

Kyle said...

Little Nog is a hand full. Happy you were finally able to get him to the vet and that things aren't terribly serious. He is lucky to have you Miss G.


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