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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Checking In!

Both Ginger's have been insanely busy, so we're kinda "phoning it in" today, but we wanted to say "hey!" and make sure everyone is surviving the cold! We have actually had over 24 consecutive hours of below freezing temps here in Texas, which happens like, never! And there's another 24 hours before we expect any relief! Miss Ginger hears ya- it's not that cold! But, give us a break! We don't own the right clothes for it. Our homes are not insulated and heated for it. And it's a damp cold that chills right through to your bones! Miss G can handle a cold night, when a film of ice forms on top of the birdbath- but right now, that fucker is frozen solid!

So, these cold temps have Miss Ginger turning up the heat on the forced-air furnaces, which, in turns, exacerbates Boy Ginger's tender little sinuses. So that brings Miss G to her next CPR®:

The problem: Dry, stuffy, irritated sinus passages.

The product: Any brand or style of "Neti Pot"

Neti Pots are all the rage right now, thanks to the preponderance of yoga studios and middle eastern holistic medicine gurus. The most basic and inexpensive kind is plastic and comes from a drugstore, and is packaged with packets of the saline sinus wash solution.

Boy Ginger has a plastic Neti Pot that he travels with, and a nice ceramic one from Whole Paycheck that he uses at home.

A Neti Pot is not difficult to use, but it does take some practice and getting used to! The pot is filled by mixing the saline packet with warm water. To use the pot, one leans over a lavatory or basin, places the spout into the nostril, and turns the neck so the nostrils are stacked vertically. Breathing normally through the mouth (, I don't normally breathe through my mouth!) allows the solution to flow into the top nostril and out the bottom nostril. Easy, right? Not so much! A reflex similar to the gag reflex (maybe it is the gag reflex) tends to make you divert the water out through the mouth instead of through the sinuses. But, if one relaxes, and takes time to figure out the personal physiology of it, they will be rewarded with clean, soothed sinuses, and potentially a sinkfull of saltwater and snot.

Wait! Finish reading my blog post before you all rush out to Walgreen's! Miss G KNOWS that last sentence made you all want one!

When the sinuses are relatively clear, but painful, the saline solution soothes the dry, cracked tissues and encourage the formation of protective, clear mucous to keep them moist. If one has a sinus or upper respiratory infective, the Neti Pot will not flow so easily on it's own, but Boy Ginger has discovered that by alternating the application of the solution with copious amounts of nose-blowing, he can clear an amazing amount of goop out of his head!

Just a couple of caveats. Obviously, a Neti Pot is like a toothbrush- everyone should have their own! It should be kept immaculately clean. And always use a saline solution, never clear water.

The verdict:

Everyone should have, and learn to use, a Neti Pot! Some people use them every day, but Boy G only uses his when he is "feeling sinusey"! It really helps!


Zombie Mom said...

I totally owe you a zillion comments and a phone call.

I *heart* my neti pot which is missing in action - well now its replacement as well - as the kids love them.

I have chronic sinus problems and the neti pot is my best friend in conquering them.

Cannot wait to hear more glitter tales.. and I am going to try to get to NOLA sooner than later ... after its my birthplace.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hmmmm, to much snow here, guess I won't rush out and get a Neti Pot :o)

CJ/Rick said...

I should get one. This Houston weather has wreaked havoc on the sinuses.

mistress maddie said...

Thank you very much for the review, but I don't think I can still use a netti pot. Just can't do it. I just got the gag relfex under control!!!!!!

Beth said...

I hate having liquid in my nose (like when swimming), so I don't think I could handle a Neti pot!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i am lucky i can clear mine out the old fashioned way- i make the gaccccccckkkkkkk noise and spit. i can also do snot rockets :D


i am glad your neti pot is a joyel to you.

Sam said...

I'm with Beth, when Number 9 started using this contraption in Vegas after her first winter she convinced me to get my very own. Ho, I gag and puked up a perfectly good six dollar burger from Carl's Jr. Now if the son of a bitch could be made to go through my mouth, now that's something I can handle.
I'm still waiting on your cpr on the BB Storm.

MadeInScotland said...

Miss GG; I'm lost. Is it for the sinuses or the nether regions? It looks like it could do an enema!!


Wonder Man said...

stay warm and healthy

theminx said...

Hm...neti pots were recommended to me, but I haven't yet tried one. Not sure I should because of the gag reflex thing. Alka Seltzer makes me gag and vomit, so I know I'm sensitive. But sounds like a good idea, and I have chronic dry sinuses from the forced air heat I have to contend with.

Joy said...

I use the Nasaline brand nasal irrigator which is a sort of baster/syringe type thing that is easier to navigate, I think.

It's so cold here, too. Single digits at night and teens during the day!

"Tommy" said...

I am glad you have one of those little pots.

Michael Rivers said...

I used one of these pots when I had a sinus infection and it worked great!

The cold is still in Minneapolis. UGH!! But, I think we are finally leaving the single digit temps and getting up to 20s and 30s this week!


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