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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here's One for David!

We all know how David Dust LOVES his Brazilliant boys! Well, now we know how they capture his wrapture! They learn early!!


kayce. said...

i've seen this video 3x and each time i'm more amazed... it's not only his preternatural dance skills, but the fact that he's doing a sequential dance! the fact that he can remember the steps at that age is bananas... plus, he's enjoying himself so much. makes me giggle.

David Dust said...

OMG!!! Wow - they DO learn early!!

First of all, that is probably the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life. Little Papi can MOVE!!!!!!

I am sure a profitable career awaits him at The Urges in 20 years.


Sam said...

that a real hoot!!


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