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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Miss Ginger Calls a BULLSHIT!!!

When Bubba Artie was alive and someone said something that was too much to be true, he would always exclaim: "I'm callin' a bullshit on that!"

Well, in Artie's honor, Miss Ginger is calling a bullshit on Tony Hayward's lame-ass attempt to protect BP's crumbling public image!

In his new TV ad, he somberly apologizes to the families affected by the spill, and assures the world that, at no cost to tax payers or the public, BP will "make it right."

Let's all say it together: BULLSHIT! You CAN'T possibly "make it right!"! You cannot replace the 7 human souls lost in the tragedy. You can't erase the anxiety of those insecure about the future of their coastal livelihoods. And you can't bring back the thousands of animals that will be killed as they suffer slow and painful deaths.

And as for not spending any public funds: BULLSHIT! The Audubon Society is publicly funded- who the hell do you think is washing all those birds? Proctor and Gamble is a publicly traded company- what do you think they wash those birds with? Dawn dishwashing liquid, donated by P&G as part of its pledge to help save wildlife! And the countless volunteers who are using their valuable time and money to wash birds, clean beaches, and lay booms- it's just mind boggling!

It's BULLSHIT, Tony, and you are a lying sack of shit! You've already disgraced yourself and your company! Shut the fuck up and don't make it worse!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

There is a move afoot to can the CEO based on his lack of progress and asshat public comments. He deserves that and much more.

mistress maddie said...


Zombie Mom said...

Dudette - I a fucking livid. I am like crazy mad. Total BS. Love you and that you care so much about the apocalypse.

Mr.Mischief said...

Reminds me of the GM commercial where they boast of paying back the government loans early and with interest, when in reality all they did was move money around, never really paid anything the Valdez spill, you can still go there, dig in the ground and find oil years later and after cleanup-it will hurt wildlife and we WILL be paying for it, one way or another

kayce. said...

i join everyone in calling bullshit!!!

also: greenpeace is there, and they're a volunteer organization, right? i don't know if they're a 503(c) or if they rely on funding (or both), but i was just reading about how they were rescuing animals. not to mention all the smaller, local volunteer organizations.

i don't know if this is overstating it, but i keep thinking "genocide," though that's not the right word, when i see pictures of oil-covered wildlife.

Bob said...

He can make it right.
He can build a giant fan that he can send into space and aim it at the Earth, causing the planet to spin backwards in time until he reaches the day where BP and Haliburton made their deal with devil screwing up the planet, the environment, and lives, for profit, and maybe this time he'll make a decision based on something more than money.
What's that?
That whole spin the planet back in time only works in the movies? We only get one shot at doing what's right?
Well, then Tony, you fucked up.
And now you can shut up.

David Dust said...

Remember when he said the environmental impact would be "minimal"? TOTAL Bullshit.


Wonder Man said...

so true, he's a fraud


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