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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How Can I Help?

Several readers have commented that they would like to help with the Gulf Oil Spill. The best way we can all help right now is to support the non-profit organizations that are out there protecting wildlife and helping to hold BP accountable for the damage they have done to the wetlands. While BP SHOULD pay for every penny of the damage, we know they will not, and the birds and wildlife don't have time to stand in line at a "claim center" waiting to be "bought out" in an attempt to avoid future lawsuits. Luckily, there are 2 organizations out there that have the interests of the wildlife at heart, and Miss Ginger knows them both to be reputable, well-run organizations.

The first is the Audubon Society, a long-standing organization dedicated to preserving the wildlife depicted in the works of
nature artist John James Audubon. If there were ever a group of people who know about the birds of Louisiana, it's Audubon!

Another great group is The Nature Conservancy, whose name sort of says it all. Long before the spill they were actively working to protect Louisiana's wetlands from damage and neglect, so you can bet they are hard at work today doing everything they can to minimize the impact of this disaster on the natural habitat in the marshes and bayous!

I'm sure there are many other great organizations out there, but Miss G knows of these personally and knows them to be venerable and trustworthy. Please support them as your heart sees fit! And if anyone knows of any other groups, drop Miss G a line and she will check them out!


Bob said...

I gotta applaud you, Miss G, for all your hard work on keeping the oil spil, and the BP nonsense, and, most importantly, how we can help the defenseless wildlife of the Gulf region.
I stop by every day to read your rants, your thoughts, your suggestions, and I truly appreciate what you're doing.

Bob said...

PS I'm gonna steal this post of yours and put it up at my place. Hope you don't mind.

Kyle said...

The Nature Conservancy is a great org to support;we have been doing so for years. Glad you are sending people their way, Miss G. They need all the help they can get.


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