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Thursday, June 17, 2010

With Her Own Eyes!

Miss Ginger saw the oil spill today with her own eyes, and she must say, it's much worse than BP wants us to think!

Today Miss G flew on a regional jet from Lafayette, La. back to Houston. They typically take off to the south, go our over the Gulf just past the shore, hug the shore all the way to Galveston, and then come up across Galveston Bay to the airport. Today was no different, it was a clear day, and Miss G had a window seat.

Here is the graphic from BP's Website that shows what they claim to be the extent of the spill. Based on this map, one would gather that the effect of the spill don't go any farther west than somewhere south of Cocodrie. The inset covers up the airport where Miss G departed, but she drew the pink arrow to show the path of her flight, considerably west of where the slick is marked on BP's map.

Miss G wasn't expecting to see the spill, based on the maps she has been seeing. And what she saw was by no means the main body of the spill, which in some ways worries her even more! There were 2 formations that she saw repeatedly. The first were large blobs or orange oil, in clusters of varying density and frequency. At first, it was hard for her to judge their size, but then, after she saw a few ships near them, she was able to judge that the blobs were probably
anywhere from a quarter of a mile to a mile in diameter, on average. She saw thousands of these mile sized blobs! The farther west she traveled, the smaller and less frequent she became. They were definitely oil- orange, shiny oil. She also so long, long stripes of oil, where it appeared to have gotten caught in a tide or current and carried and stretched for miles! They weren't very wide, but the extended past the horizon!

Miss G found this photo on the internet, and it's exactly what the oil looked like from above!

Miss G may just cry herself to sleep tonight!


mrs. miss alaineus said...

we need more people to tell it like it is.

devastating. may i repost so more people see?


mistress maddie said...

I don't live anywhere near as close as you and I'm still very upset........

Joy said...

It's gone way past a spill and even past oil gusher. Seeing it with your own eyes has to make it real and so much worse.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Tragic, and it will take years if not decades to recover.


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