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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miss Ginger Should Count Her Blessings?

Miss Ginger tried VERY hard to be a "glass half full" kind of person. It isn't always easy. Especially lately!

She really should count her blessings that she was raised in a state renowned for its abundance of fresh, delicious seafood. That Momma and Daddy Ginger taught her to adore and cherish these treasures, and helped her create delicious memories around them! And that she has always maintained her connection and her proximity to her Louisiana homeland.

She should count her blessings that she knows the satisfying experience of sitting down to an ice cold beer and a dozen fresh oysters, harvested the same day and chilled before serving on a bed of crushed ice. It's an experience she will always cherish, and one many people may never have the chance to enjoy!

The oyster industry in Louisiana is shutting down, and with it, over 100 years of tradition, heritage, and pride go with it.

P&J Oyster Company has been supplying oysters to the bars and restaurants of the French Quarter for over 134 years. The family-owned business today reported to its employees that after Thursday, there would be no more oysters for them to shuck. The boats aren't coming in, because fishing has been shut down due to the oil spill. No on knows when they will open again. If ever.

P&J is just one of hundreds of businesses in the state that will be forced to shut down due to BP's mess in the Gulf. The oystermen who harvest them, the shuckers who shuck them, and the truck drivers who deliver them are just a part of the thousands that will lose their livelihood. There are MANY restaurants that special in fresh oysters and oyster dishes- without them, they will be "just another restaurant", if they are even equipped to alter their menu! It's so, so, so sad. It makes Miss Ginger worry for institutions like Acme and Felixes that have been serving oysters in the Quarter for over 100 years!!

This manmade disaster may have more impact on the culture of the Quarter than any hurricane ever has or could. It's just so sad. So sad and uncalled for!!

Drilling will return to the Gulf, Miss G has no doubt.

Oyster harvesting? Maybe not.

Keep the Gulf oyster in your prayers! It's worth saving!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I saw this on the news tonight, it made me extremely sad :o(

David Dust said...

This whole situation is fucked up on so many levels. I find myself watching Rachel Maddow and just wanting to SCREAM at the TV set at the carelessness of huge "too big to fail" companies like BP.

If BP is going to risk the ecology of the Gulf region and the culture and economy of its people, then BP should have to sell every last desk, chair, and pencil sharpener they own to come up with the funds to fix the situation.

That's what "risk" is all about - sometimes you lose. And the people and wildlife of the Gulf didn't take this risk, BP did.

Joy said...

BP assholes! It's basic engineering to design fixes for possible problems. Greedy bastards doing what's expedient!

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't it been made common knowledge that the US was offered help?
Somebody needs to go to jail.
I heard on a news channel that this is 7 times worse then the Exon Valdez! I also heard that the people that helped clean that up, are still suffering medical issues.
I live in the midwest and I can't even imagine what the costal people are suffering

Miss Ginger Grant said...

DD: BP is actually preparing to pay a DIVIDEND to it's investors to distribute their share of the profits!! And Anon: It beats me how we could refuse the help offered by another nation after everything we do for the world! I suppose the reason it hasn't made national news boils down to one thing: $$$$$! The TV stations are more concerned about selling advertising than about reporting the truth!

Mr Lonely said...

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Joy said...

It is heartbreaking and infuriating. Why aren't we hearing outrage from Mexico? Surely they are incensed about this, too. It is after all called the Gulf of MEXICO.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

First of all: Mexico is too poor and disorganized to be incensed about anything right now. And secondly, the prevailing winds are easterly- at this point there has been no indication of a threat to the Mexican coast. So far, even Texas is largely unaffected, save for the fact that BP is one of Houston's largest employers! If they fail, it will be a huge hit to the Houston economy!

Beth said...

You know I love me some fresh oysters...this is absolutely heartbreaking. :(


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