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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Isn't it Ironic? (and yeah, I really do think...)

How ironic is it that around the same time that BP finally manages to do SOMETHING semi-successful to stop the surge of oil into the Gulf, the oil itself makes its most dramatically damaging landfall yet, on the snowy white beaches of Pensacola, Florida?

And to make it the timing even more reprehensible, it was the same weekend that Jimmy Buffet planned to open his first
Margaritaville Hotel in Pensacola! Dead oysters, oily birds, fucked up beaches, and thousands of
people out of work! How much worse can this get?

And just about the time public opinion of BP couldn't get any lower, this image starts to circulate the interwebz! WTF?! Reap what ye shall sow!!

But it's not all bad news!! Miss Ginger's RoundUp went on as planned, and Miss G got to wear this FABULOUS sparkling cowgirl look designed and created by "Momma" Weldon!

She and her FABULOUSLY handsome dancers started the show with a western boogie that got the crowd shakin'!

After Miss G and the boys, one of Miss Ginger's Best Sisters (and Miss Mint Julep 2006) Aurora Briar, took to this stage in a Cravyn original pink and black number that knocked our socks off!!

Mona Lotta, the reigning Miss Mint Julep, rounded out the Julep returns in this dazzling cowgirl ensemble!

In addition to the returning Juleps, we also featured some aspiring Juleps, our candidates for Mint Julep 2010, including the incredibly hot and leather-clad Alex Stroud, and the adorable and bubbly Isabella Rose Mink!

What a great night was had as we raised $4,000 for Legacy Community Health Services! All in all, a pretty FABULOUS day!


David Dust said...

Girl - you looked FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!

I'm so glad your event was a success.


Mr.Mischief said...

I was going to post that same BP gas pump picture but it looks like I was a day late!

Sam said...

Miss G. The whole BP ordeal has left me speechless. On top of that if that Oil was washing up on Santa Monic beach the ho's out ther would be looking for blood!
Love your outfit! Congrats on the round up. Going to have to make it to one of those. Tug

Joy said...

Ride 'em, Cowgirl!


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