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Friday, December 30, 2011

No Fightin' Tonight!

Boy G has long been a fan of Fightin' Mad Mary, with her tales of hikes in Fryman Canyon, pics of her adorable puppy Grace Jones, and travels with her handsome husband Q.  

Finally, Boy G got to meet Mary and Q, and we had a great time!!  Not only is Mary as charming, funny, and cute as she is on her blog, she is as sweet as can be!  Boy G had never met an EMMY WINNER before, so he wasn't sure what to expect- god knows an Emmy would go straight to Miss Ginger's head! But Mary was so down-to-earth, and like most of the blog people he's met, it's like they've know each other forever! 

We had a quick get acquainted visit, along with Mary's sister and her fiancé, and I look forward to visiting with them more, either on their trips here to visit Q's family, or with Queen G in tow to greet her ever-growing West Coast fan base! The Ginger's are thrilled to add Mary and Q to their list of "People We Have Met While Blogging!"


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