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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

There It Went!

Christmas came and went in a flash... and it looks like we are in for a long winter!

The Ginger's had a small dinner with close friends and family, and before you knew it, the weekend was over and it was back the office for poor Boy G!

He's quite glad to have a job, however!  Many in the industry are not faring as feel, as Sears Holdings announced today they will close 100-120 Sears and Kmart stores next year.  While Queen Ginger NEVER shopped at Kmart (I don't even think we have them in Texas anymore), she does have many fond memories of going to Sears with Momma or Poppa G, to pick up a gadget or 2 for the kitchen or workshop.  Whenever choosing appliances as a gift for Momma G,  Poppa always looked for the "Sears Best" or "Lady Kenmore" label to ensure he was getting the top of the line!  And Boy G still has a couple of Daddy's old Craftsman tools out in the garage.  Growing up in a small Louisiana town back in the 60's, Sears was one of the few places we had to shop; Wallymart didn't take over the scene until the late 70's.  And long before, if you couldn't find something you needed locally, your Momma ordered it from the Sear catalog! It seems so archaic now, to think you had to go to the store to place the order, wait weeks for it to come, and then go back to pick it up!  Now, we click tonight and it's at our front door tomorrow!

Case in point:  Queen G has finally become fed up with Microsoft and Blackberry! She became so sick of having to take the battery out her Blackberry 3 times a day to make it reboot, she finally ordered an iPhone!  And having realized she has been through 5 Windows-based computers in the last 10 years, she has finally decided to switch to a Mac! She couldn't be happier with both!  And, the Mac Mini made it from China to her doorstep in 2 short days!!  Amazing!  It's so cute- it takes up about as much space in her office as a router! 

But her favorite part of all?  iCloud!!!  Every new Apple device comes with this remarkable feature, and Queen Ginger cannot begin to tell you just how remarkable it is!  It's the holy grail of computing efficiency! 

iCloud syncs everything you do, in real time, through thin air!  Add a contact in your iPhone, and your contacts are automatically updated on your Mac and your iPad.  Download a song using your iPad, and it appears in iTunes on your phone and your Mac.  Type a document on your Mac,  and refer to it from another state by pulling it up on any device!  All without wires, or syncing, or connecting anything.  I just works!  

Apple, Mac Mini, the iPhone 4 S (more on Siri later!) and especially iCloud ALL earn Queen Ginger's coveted 5 lipsticks for being well designed, remarkably intuitive, and highly efficient!


Kailyn said...

The only way that Apple is a part of my everyday life is my iPhone. I have loved it since the first one I bought almost four years ago. Eventually I will upgrade to the 4s. Siri has existed before the 4s but not at this level. And I have used Macs in the workplace before. They completely rock. I have just stuck with PC for computing because of cost. Until recent years I used to build my own computer so I could get exactly what I wanted as opposed to buying something put together by a company like Dell. I made this decision after my mom bought a Compaq that had a bunch of proprietary parts that cost at least twice a much to replace as a PC clone.(Yeah, I'm geeking out.)I have always recognized that the Apple environment is more stable than any version of Windows. Also each release of Windows has been nothing more than an attempt to make the Windows experience more like Apple. See, you may have said, "Why the hell the big deal about Steve's passing?" Well Steve recognized that the interface should be as simple as possible. He may not have written the code but he recognized what the end product should be. That's what made him brilliant in my opinion.

mrs.missalaineus said...

i'm a pc/ pc clone user but *if* i could afford it, i'd go mac.

glad you had a little time to get some rest. we went to a sears the other day and i had similar memories of going there with my grandma as a child.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I am working half-days from home this week, the "back to work" thing will not strike me until next week.

Never had an Apple, but we did get new droid based phones a couple of weeks ago, much better than my work blackberry which I only use for work e-mail now.

Beth said...

Yeah, things aren't looking too good for Sears. Very reliable, and good products, so I'm not sure why they aren't doing very well. Makes me kind of sad.

Joy said...

I LOVE my iPhone! Even the box it came in is a fabulous design of quality and efficiency. I'm getting a Macbook next after having to replace PC's so many times and dealing with them. Yes, about Steve Jobs and his brilliance! (and Woz)


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