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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We FInd Our Bright Spots....

For folks out there who think that the South is a vast wasteland of white trash and stupid people, I present 2 exhibits:

Exhibit "A" represents  a mob of people crowding onto a Subway train in New York City-  a daily mass transit image represented thousands of times over each day in the cities of the Northeast!

Exhibit "B" shows a line of Houstonians waiting patiently for their bus to arrive so they can board for their commute home.  Yes, a line... a "queue".... "a line or sequence of people awaiting their turn..."

Sounds positively civilized, doesn't it?!  Boy G sees it every night when he leaves the office and it always amazes him! No one is there telling them to line up, or threatening to arrest them if they are unruly or rude!  Yet, each night, they arrive, take their place, and wait!   No pushing, no shoving.... just waiting!

Sometimes it's great to be in the South!


David Dust said...

New Yorkers DO line up on the street while waiting for buses (honestly). You kind of have to, because everyone must get on the bus via one single door.

But since each subway car has three doors, and each train has multiple cars, there really is no way to line up while waiting for the train to arrive. Hence - mayhem.

Besides, it's more fun pushing and shoving.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

I guess I never saw anyone take a bus in New York! Certainly I never have!!

Beth said...

Don't forget Midwestern nice, too. We're a fairly polite bunch. :)


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