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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Don't Gossip Either!

Loyal GingerSnap Bob from I Should Be Laughing  often gives us his Big Gay Take from Smallville, Amurca, in his recurring "I Ain't One To Gossip" series.  Of course, you can probably guess who are his favorite targets: Tom Cruisy, Dim Kardashian, and EVERY gaffe la Lohan can muster!  Check them out- they're always a delight!

So in honor of Bob, Queen G thought she would share this story she found amusing about one of her most "not sure how they became one" stars.

Apparently, users of iPhone wannabes android phones can download a game called Joustin' Beaver, where a hot popular faggy beaver with a mopey haircut tubes down a river, doing his best to avoid giving "otter graphs" (I don't make this shit up!) by jousting with a large stick. Cute game, right?

Well, Teenage America's Biggest Baby  had a hissy-fit over the name calling, crying foul and saying that he doesn't appreciate being compared to a beaver.  Well, little boy who wants the world to think you are straight, if you want the world to think you are driving the macho-man pussy wagon, you'd better get used to hanging around beaver!  And, you'd best not be calling it foul!

His handlers have asked for a cease and desist order, which we all know is really just a big publicity stunt.  That stupid android download has probably sold more downloads than all of Miss Thing's songs put together!  And certainly, none of us would even be reading about the Babe if this hilarious kerfuffle had not ensued!

So, what's going on in YOUR neck of Tinseltown?!


mrs.missalaineus said...

joustin' beaver- i am shocked he was smart enough to figure all this out- who's willing to bet he was playing it for at least two weeks on his phone before the light bulb moment came?


Bob said...

How did I miss this one!!!!!!!

Joustin Beaver.
It's almost worth getting an iPhone just for that!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Cannot figure out how he became such a star. Love the game play on words!

Beth said...

One of my favorite TV moments was on "The Office," when Jim mentions Bieber, and Dwight asks, "Who's Justice Beaver?" Jim tells him it's a beaver who fights crime. LOL

Sam said...

sounds boring like his music


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