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Thursday, February 2, 2012

In a Wad!

Queen Ginger's panties are TOTALLY in a wad over this whole Komen/Planned Parenthood debacle!  What a kerfuffle!!

First you have this great organization, the Komen Foundation, that is was a pinnacle of the women's health movement, making a politically-based decision that has absolutely NOTHING to do with women's health. Many of their top brass have jumped ship since the decision, citing, in fact, they they are leaving because the organization seems to be straying from it's mission of promoting women's health into a political arena!!

They have announced that they will stop their donations to Planned Parenthood, another organization that promotes women's health, education, and welfare- including providing mammography to thousands of women who would otherwise go without screening!! Komen is claiming that they are discontinuing the funding because Planned Parenthood is "under investigation".  Truth be told, several states, and even anti-choicers in the US Congress have created these "investigations" for this very purpose- to give the perception that something unscrupulous and undisclosed is happening at PP. 

Nobody has proven that PP has done anything "under the table".  Per the agreement, every dime Komen has contributed to PP has gone to breast cancer screening.  US government funds have been handled according to policy.  And yes, while some (not all) Planned Parenthood locations do offer pregnancy termination services, they are all funded but the private sector, and are completely legal, according to the US constitution.

Holy Backfire, Batman, donations are POURING into Planned Parenthood to replace the dollars lost!  Virtually any pro-choicer who has ever supported Komen will now write their check directly to PP! And New York's Mayor Bloomberg has said he will match up to $250,000 in donations, which has already far been exceeded!

To top it all off, this batch of bat-shit crazy has come off of their Barcaloungers to say they will stand behind Komen.  Well, you one million snot-wiping, cold-cereal-serving, dishwasher-loading, Oprah-watching bunch of fatasses, your email campaign has had virtually ZERO financial effect on the situation, since you can barely feed your brats on the measly penance your stupid husband brings home! 

And meanwhile, you have totally bastardized the good name of some quality organizations that truly have women's rights at heart!  If I were among the leadership of "A Million", a grassroots organization that supports families in need, or of the "Million Mother March", which supports a mother's right to breast feed in public, I would be suing the shit out of your lazy, mouthy, "one-click-and-I'm-in" kind of bullcrap!

As I have said MANY times, Queen Ginger is pro-choice, and pro-living!!  We have SO MANY problems to solve among the thousands of people who walk this earth today- why are we wasting money arguing about whether a woman should be able to control her on bodily functions?!


Kailyn said...

Here's another link your readers should check out. I read earlier today that when you make your donation to Planned Parenthood, you should send them a copy of your receipt along with an explanation of your donation to the Susan J. Komen Foundation.

Sheria said...

Well said, Miss Ginger or should I call you,your majesty? I'm a bit rusty on my royal etiquette. I fully agree; we have plenty of issues like war and famine to address without making an issue out of a woman's right to choose how to manage her own body.

Bob said...

Simply put, Komen left because they bought into a lie, and that's disgraceful.

mistress maddie said...

I couldn't agree more with what you said Miss G! Very well put. Next thing you know they will be telling women when and how to break wind!

Joy said...

Well done!!

Beth said...

You're preachin' to the choir, sister. This whole thing has completely backfired on them. They tried to claim that it wasn't political, but the facts just don't support that.

Happily, the donations to PP poured in, as you pointed out, Komen mostly reneged on their decision (at least for current grants...they'll probably weasel out of future ones), and the woman who drove this stupid decision, Karen Handel, has resigned from Komen.

Planned Parenthood 1 - Komen 0!


Weaveron Textile said...

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