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Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Will Oscar Wear?

Queen Ginger hates award shows.  She really doesn't care who wins the most little record players, or little gold statue men, or little planets on a block of wood.  Chances are, she's not seen any of the movies, doesn't like any of the music, and hasn't had time to DVR any of of the winners.

Of these incredibly lengthy, commercial-filled programs, about the only part that amuses the Queen is the red carpet arrivals.  Those in themselves are so over-the-top pretentious with their posing, paparazzi, and label-comparing that Queen Ginger can't help but roll her eyes and think sarcastically "these people TOTALLY have their priorities in order!"

Of course, there are always some beautiful gowns on beautiful women, from which can all find inspiration and direction for the coming season.  Or, we can find these:

Perhaps the most infamous fashion gaffe ever, I'm not sure this freaky little frozen chick wanted to be pretty, funny, or just memorable.  Whatsername was none of the above. Even her shoes were ugly! And she has cankles!  Or, maybe in her case, skankles! (2001)

In 1993, the Whoopster couldn't find a thing to wear- so she swiped something out of her favorite Drag Queen's closet!  I'm still waiting for the bitch to return it! Gotta admit, though- that Wonderbra did wonders for her girls!

The most overrated woman on Earth decided in 2000 to pay homage to Angelica Huston by dressing like her.  Only, when Angelica wore this outfit, she was on screen... in the movie... playing a witch!   The Morticia Addams dress was bad enough... but did she have to wear the wig, too?!

Faith Hill did nothing to improve the mainstream reputation of country music when she wore this sherbet-colored hot mess in 2002.  It looks like her granny crocheted it for her out of scraps left over from her last potholder making project!

But perhaps the most unfortunate red carpet moment ever.... in 2004.... when Diane Keaton woke up late, swallowed the wrong pills, and forgot who she was.  She got it half right when she showed up to the Oscars dressed as (wait for it.......)

BUSTER Keaton!!!

What were your favorite Oscar red carpet moments?  More importantly: "who" will you be wearing while watching the Oscars tomorrow?


mistress maddie said...

I'm with you on the awards shows. And I may not even watch the red carpet, since most of hollywood glamour is gone any how. If I do watch, I may be in my calvin sport briefs, if even those!!!! With a gin and tonic!

Bob said...

I am an awards show whore, from the red carpet right through to the last ::::yawn has it been 4 hours:::::: award.

For me, the best on the carpet used to be Cher, because you never knew what you were gonna get.

mrs.missalaineus said...

i love the outfits but like you, have no use for the actual awards part


Tivo Mom said...

I like Bob love the shows and start watching very early. Love your montage of the unforgettably bad but what about Celine Dion in that stupid backwards white tuxedo? Or Tilda Swinton in anything. I too always loved the Cher arrivals...

Beth said...

Don't watch 'em, but read who won the next day, and usually check out photos of the dresses.

I'm with Tivo Mom...the worst was Celine Dion's backward tux and fugly hat!


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