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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Puddles of Poo!

Queen Ginger stepped in a BIG OLE puddle of poo with some of her Oscar fashion comments!   Never one to be defensive, she's here to set the record straight, so to speak!

First of all, she had NO IDEA that Giuliana Ransic recently underwent a double mastectomy for breast cancer.  That comment was TOTALLY insensitive in that context, and the purpose of the modesty panel on the dress is obvious.  In retrospect, I should compliment her on choosing a dress with all of the sparkle on her shoulders and in the back, which allows her to feel beautiful without drawing attention to the areas that have been reconstructed.  Giuliana- if you read this- and I KNOW you will- please accept my humble apologies!

Also, I made several comments about the need for various and sundry undergarments (that's the garmento in me!).  At least one well-respected GingerSnap pointed out that this line of diatribe seemed in support of the concept that girls should starve themselves and strap themselves into corsets to look a specific way that society deems "perfect".  Let me say for the record that nothing could be farther from the truth!  No one know more than Queen Ginger  how difficult it is to look girly and feminine when one is not thusly gifted, and she certainly didn't mean to imply that a girl should starve herself for vanity. Come to think of it, this big ole Queen can't think of any reason whatsoever for a girl to starve herself. But I digress!  And I've kind of lost my point...

But, it was something like this:  The Oscars are a show... A "show of shows", really, where everyone wants to look their best and dress their fanciest!  Personally, I think the fashion industry has created styles that fit way too close to the body and show way too much skin.  And I think my comments about Glenn Close and Dame Meryl Streep show that I think a woman can look great without bearing her body for the world to see. But I do think that if someone chooses to wear one of those dresses that fit tight and show the world your business, that you should wear undergarments that flatter your shape as much as possible.  Or better yet, have a sandwich and wear a different dress. Obviously, my heart breaks for teenage girls who make themselves sick trying to look like a stick figure.  

And finally, to Angelina Jolie. Sorry, honey, I just have a hard time liking you. I know that breaks your heart. Try to get over it!


mistress maddie said...

Gurl, I saw about 10 minutes of red carpet, yawned, and then went to watch The Help. Now you know I do like Angelina, but tonight was not her best choice. She looks better in bright color or a blood red !And was Miss Tilda anywhere to be seen? But I will say Americian designers are so frickin boring right now. They need to step it up to the Europeans. Here right now, it's a famine of style!

Sheria said...

You certainly aren't the only one who didn't know Ms. Ransic's health issues,so don't beat yourself up.

I didn't think that you were advocating for starvation I just have a personal distaste sturdy,restrictive undergarments. It's a personal gripe of mine. As a fat girl and later a fat woman, I spent the first half of my life zipped into, or squeezed into spandex body briefs or long line bras and girdles. At first it was my mother who tortured me but I continued the torture as a young woman, dressing with the idea of meeting some goal of what a woman should look like, trying to please everyone except myself.

When I turned 40, I had a moment of revelation. After years of discomfort and down right pain, I threw out my long line bras and body briefs and decided to dress to please myself and f*&k anyone who had a problem with it. It was amazing to be able to breathe again and I learned to like my rolls instead of trying to hide them. However, each woman to her own taste and those that can tolerate all that restrictive spandex, more power to them. I confess that I resent all those years of pain and self loathing inspired by others evaluations of what looked good on my body.


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