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Friday, November 27, 2009

How Was Your Turkey (Day)?!

Miss Ginger's was moist and delicious!

After spending 24 hours in the fetal position (thanks, Nutwood Beth!, for burning that image into my brain!) Miss Ginger's bird spent the next 5 hours basking in the infrared glow of the gas grill!
(Miss Ginger masked the wings with aluminum foil so it's little elbows wouldn't burn!!)

Miss G finished setting the table just as the first guests were arriving!

And, oh, what FABULOUS guests they were! Miss G is blessed with the most incredible family and "extended" family that anyone could dream of! Everyone seemed to have a great time, and there was never a lull in the lovely conversation!
Copius amounts of wine were flowing, and Miss G just did a quick "straw poll" in the wine cellar to answer the question many have asked. Yes, the red wine drinkers at the table DID polish off an entire case of pinot noir, and from the stories I've been hearing, many of them were feeling the affects of that today! The white wine drinkers, being the demure group that we are, only polished off about half a case, give or take a bottle. Okay, take.. there were only five left. And considering there were only about 4 of us drinking white, it's a miracle we weren't feeling worse this morning!
It might have been one of Miss G's best Thanksgivings ever!


Wonder Man said...

I had a good time and it looks like you did too

David Dust said...

Gurl -

You REALLY know how to "do it up right"!!!

Looks like a fabulous time.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Looks like an awesome evening. Hope you had a day of rest today :o)

Zombie Mom said...

I am so jealous I wasn't there - but then you would have had to bust out a second case of the red.... beautiful table--- much love.

Sam said...

damn that some fancy decorating. Great to hear you had such a wonderful time.
Your table looks smashing.
I had an excellent time too!

Bob said...

It looks like typical Miss G fabulousness!

Beth said...

You're quite welcome for the mental image, my dear. :)

What a great time! Your table is beautiful, as are your guests. Congratulations on yet another day of fabulosity! Hugs, Beth

Kailyn said...

Red goes down easier than white thus the higher consumption.

Joy said...

Lovely table!! You really are the hostess with the mostest!! Exponential fabulousness! I'd have been in the pinot noir group.

Kyle said...

Looks like it was a grand affair Miss G, but I would expect no less from you. Glad you had a good time!

Mark in DE said...

What a beautiful table! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

It was great fun,good food,good friends. Everything that a holiday should be. MBC

Apu Mridha said...

wow! that turkey looks delicious ! :).

Thanks for sharing with us . :)



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