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Monday, November 2, 2009

In Other Local Races....

...there are at least 3 openly gay candidates running for various City Council seats in Houston. Honestly, City Council races usually bore Miss Ginger: "something about crime"... "something about neighborhoods"... "something about transit".... "something about land use"....

That is, until Carlos announced he was running for City Council!

Ah, Carlos! What can Miss G say about dear, sweet Carlos? She met him at a black tie affair, and damn, if that boy doesn't look FINE in black tie! He's not the most experienced candidate on the ballot, and based on our conversation, he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but really, people... are you that shallow? Do you select your leadership based solely on experience and intelligence? What about charisma? and charm? and shear, unadulterated, utter sex appeal? Now THESE are the traits Miss Ginger looks for when endorsing a candidate!

So, Miss G knows there's a lezzie running for some Council seat, and another old gay guy running for the other, and she'll vote for them if she can remember their name tomorrow morning! But, you can bet your bottom dollar on one thing: when it comes time to cast her vote for City Council At-large Position 5, she will be casting her vote for her future husband: Carlos A. Obando! She's perfect for the job of "First Lady At-Large"- I mean, c'mon people... they don't come much larger! Now, if she can just convince Carlos.... !


Beth said...

well hello Mrs Carlos!!!! your furture hubby is FIIIINE Miss Ginger! fine indeed!


Anonymous said...

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Bob said...

Oh yes.
He has my vote.
I've always had a thing for the mens named Carlos.

David Dust said...

I need to find some shirtless pics and make him "Hot Papi At Large" over at my place...


Michael Rivers said...

I don't care what he is running for. He has my full support and vote!! Wow.

behrmark said...

Oh screw the City Council - Carlos for President! (You'd make a FABULOUS First Lady, Miss G!)

MadeInScotland said...

Oh, come on Miss GG. What does Carlos stand for? You never said....

(BTW, anypics with his shirt off?)


Kyle said...

Wow! Nice photos. He is drop dead gorgeous. Not that I'd expect any less from a prospect of yours Ginger Grant. what were we talking about, oh voting.

mistress maddie said...

Miss Ginger Grant Obando. Not a bad sound to it if I say so myself. Girl, maybe you should get in there and be like a volenteer or his stylist! Image consulant, anything. Then he will see he NEEDS you! LOL! He is fine!

Coelha :B said...

Lol... Carlos is a cutie..I must agree! :) Julie


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