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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why didn't they have great toys like this....

when Miss Ginger was a little gurl!?


Michael Rivers said...

Wow. That is some makeup job!

Wonder Man said...

that's a hot mess

miss alaineus said...

that's pretty much what my neighbor looks like when she is 'working'.

if our baby g would of had that, she would of had applied it way more tastefully....way way way more tastefully!


Bob said...

Obviously from the Tammy Gaye Bakker toy collection.

Kailyn said...

They did. They just said it was for Barbie as if that bitch needed anything else.

Beth said...

Pretty Princess? Looks more like Skanky Ho! XOXO

Kyle said...

I wasn't sure it was possible to make someone so young look so whore like. that picture proves me wrong.


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