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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What are your Thanksgiving Plans?

DD has checked in and reported that he is headed to PA for an Arby's fix. St8upwithatwist is hanging out with friend in Houston. And Kailyn is going to have some quite time alone. Sounds like the GingerSnaps are making some FABULOUS holiday plans!

Miss G has pulled out all the drag queen hostess stops again this holiday season! That smart gurl farmed out most of the menu, so all she has to make is the turkey and cranberry sauce, plus some dinner rolls. Brother John is going to be the resident sommelier, and everyone else is bringing sides, etc.

It takes a while to get the house ready for 16 guests, so Miss G has already started getting everything set for the big day. The regular table won't seat that many people, so she's rearranged the furniture and brought in banquet tables to accomodate the crowd. Jackson and Shelby seem to think that daddy has created a stage for them to put on an adorable show, but what they don't know is that if they don't straighten up real quick they are going to find themselves banished to the utility room until sometime in 2010!! As Miss G has been washing and rinsing all the things she'll need to set the table, she's been laying them out, and no one wants to eat off of a table that a cat has been crawling on, so now she's having to rewash what she's already done! Grrrrrr! I love my babies but they are taxing my patience!

Meanwhile, the turkey is soaking in it's brine bath so it can be moist and delicious! In it's 22 quart "poultry spa", it looks like a wicked, oversized science experiment! Luckily, Casa del Ginger has plenty of refrigeration, so the big lug could go out in one of the outdoor fridges and not take up valuable space in the house!

Oh, and to make it all worse... Celia's in Mexico for the Holidays, so Miss G has to clean the house herself! Ewe! How unthoughtful of the housekeeper to want to be with the family she hasn't seen in over a year, right when Miss G is starting the entertaining season!

So, what is everyone else doing for the holidays?


mistress maddie said...

Well girl, I'm off to visit the family for five days! I'll probably meet DD out for drinks one night and other friends. Not to mention eat wayyyyyyyy to much! Have A good Thanksgiving girl!


Michael Rivers said...

I will spend a good part of the day getting my holiday decorations up. And then I'm joining my best friend and his partner for an afternoon meal. Will be nice.

Bob said...

It'll be just me and Carlos this year, no family.....and we're kinda looking forward to it.
He's brining a turkey for the very first time, and I hope it turns out good.

Happy Turkey Day Miss G

Wonder Man said...

eating at my man's bosses home

Zombie Mom said...

Its all new this year- usually I hostess with the most-ess- but que awkward and besides last year was hellishly tense (now the guests tell me)despite amazing food. So I am packing up my bad ass Southern self with a cornbread-bacon-sausage dressing, my infamous brussels, the Commander and the Bean and we are heading over to help cook up a turkey with one of my gal pals and her kids and crew of lesbians. Love me some lesbians. Seriously, starting new traditions and feeling so grateful that already friends are inviting me to join their families for the holidays.

And given my divorce diet anorexia- I can actually eat while there. This stress is stripping the weight right off- happy to say- the smaller size sixes are fitting me again. This will be the first time since I dropped the 70 pounds I have eaten a full holiday meal.

Timmy said...

Hey Miss G,

I got your message on the blog. I was in Ft. Worth a couple of weeks ago for my brother's wedding so I opted not to travel back for the holiday.

I have a standing invitation with Scott M. for T-day I used the option. Have a good dinner!

Kyle said...

We are off to visit our adoptive family tomorrow. They live nearby and we always have great food, drink,and merriment at our get togethers.

Happy Thanksgiving Miss G. I hope you have an awesome day tomorrow!

David Dust said...

I have made it to Pennsylvania, and have already visited Wal-Mart and Arby's. My life if complete...


Mark in DE said...

Spouse & I will be hosting his mother, brother and sister-in-law on Thurs & Fri. Then we've invited some friends over for left-overs on Sat. Hope you have a fabulous Turkey Day!

Joy said...

I'll be at Mother's house with lots of family. Happy T-Day to you, Miss Ginger!!

Dan said...

The turkey has brined and we will be making it here and transporting it to Luis's mothers.

Happy Thanksgiving Miss G!

Howard said...

Lots of family visiting, and grazing all day long!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Gorgeous!

Beth said...

I'm sure that turkey will be delicious, but I have to say it: right now, it looks like a fetus in a jar. Is that bad of me to say?

Last time we had our folks over, I was trying to set the table, and Sheeba walked up and laid down on it. The look on my Mom's face was priceless. Bad kitty!

We're off to my sister's soon. My niece is visiting from San Diego, and I'm really looking forward to seeing her! Food, family, and Rock Band. Life is good!

Enjoy your gathering. I'm sure it will be a fabulous success! XOXO Beth

MadeInScotland said...

Happy Thanksgiving Miss GG.

By coincidence I found myself at my parents home with Xfe. We had fish and chips from the fish and chip shop!


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