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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miss Ginger's Big New Deck... the finale!

Remember a few weeks back when Miss G posted this pic of the little deck out of her back door, sitting next to a big nasty broken space-wasting hottub?

Well, the hottub got ripped out, as well as the old decking material....

And now Miss G has a great big deck, with more room for more guests. She needs an end table of some sort to go next to the settee, doncha think!?
And it even has additional seating built into the end, with storage for her treasures underneath!
Miss Ginger can't wait for you all to come over and sit on her great big deck!


mistress maddie said...

Beautiful girl! And how long were you waiting to use that last line about sitting on Miss G's big new deck? LOL!

David Dust said...



Michael Rivers said...

Just let me know when!! :-)

Bob said...

Looks really nice.
It's the perfect Pinot Grigio sippin' deck!

JC said...

I love to sit on Miss G's big new 'deck'

miss alaineus said...

mr. mischief says that's a nice smooth deck you got there. and so big!

no really it looks AWESOME. get a rolling cart for snacks and drinks.


Dannelle said...

Absolutely Frickin' fantastic- wish I could come to visit! (Even if it is in TEXAS!)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It looks, well, FABULOUS :o)

Beth said...

Your big deck ROCKS, Miss G! But then I would expect nothing less. :D I like Miss A's idea of a rolling cart for drinks. That would be versatile and handy. XOXO

Joy said...

Love it! I'll be there! Could I have a Pinot Noir, please?


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