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Friday, November 6, 2009

Sad Day in Texas...

Fort Hood, Texas , should be such a lovely place... crawling with hot, young soldiers readying for military deployment.

But it turned ugly Thursday when this sorry Son of a Bitch

walked in to a medical facility in Fort Hood and opended fire, killing 12 people and wounding 13 others. Worst part of all, is that MAJOR Nidal Malik Husan was a psychiatrist from the Walter Read facility. And to rub salt in it all, the US Government and it's military paid for his medical training! All of it! Known to be "a devout muslim", this asshat managed to walk into a military facility with a loaded firearm (you'd think they'd check for that kind of shit!) and open fire. Bad news for him he that he chose to do it in Texas... we hang people here if you dent our pickup trucks. This asshat is gonna fry!

But seriously, the families of those killed and injured deserve our thoughts and prayers! There are more details on the story here. I'm sure we'll be hearing lots more about this as this slimewad is brought to justice to face what he did. The "mistreated outcast" and "misunderstood muslim" diatribe is starting already. It's gonna get ugly, I can tell!

In other news from the "fucked up Texans hiding behind fucked up religions" file, this asshole,

Raymond Jessop, was the first of the pussies from the FDLS "Yearning for Zion" "ranch" to be convicted of child molestation for having sex and impregnating underaged girls. Shown here in standard issue child-molester track suit, with the standard issue smug mormon grin, Jessop awaits his sentencing, scheduled for next Monday.

This dude may as well hang it up... save us the court costs and the the processing fees! Here's a message for him from Miss Ginger: "You won't survive the first week in prison, so be a man for the the first time in your life and swallow a bullet, you sorry son of a bitch!"


miss alaineus said...

when i heard the news about fort hood last night, i asked myself, 'how am i gonna answer questions about this terrible act of violence by one on so many innocent people?'

as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse i hope that motherfucker jessop gets it how he gave it when he gets to jail. let the punishment fit the crime.


i've been such a mizer i saved enough $$$ to go buy two pairs of new shoes so middle finger to you ya goddamn shoe thieving hookers of the world!

MadeInScotland said...

This guy, he was psych-evaluating the troops?

Who watches the watcher? World is full of fucked up people. Let's hope it doesn't turn out that he was on a religious mission, and he was just a psycho.

Will he fry? I figure he will either be assassinated himself or else he'll lavish in solitary for years and years and years while lawyers argue over his mental health.

Do you think it would have been better for the victims and the families of the deceased if he had been killed?

Me, I dunno....there's someone to answer their questions, but will they get any?


Joy said...

Amen, Miss Ginger!

Dannelle said...

Sorry "State" of affairs. Hope they both get want they deserve and then some. Can I help push the button?


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