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Monday, November 30, 2009

Miss Ginger's Current Hearththrob Channels Miss Ginger's Favorite Diva!

Sam Tsui + Whitney Houston = Nirvana!!!!

NEWSFLASH! Miss Ginger Swears Off Pinot Grigio!!

No, she hasn't joined a Temperance Union, nor did she go on such a binger that she can't face another bottle (though the latter is certainly more likely than the former!)

She's just found something she likes better! Yasee, for Thanksgiving she was in a big ole hurry and ran into her favorite liquor store and asked for a case of Pinot Noir and a case of Pinot Grigio. The guy said he didn't have a case of pinot grigio (really?!) but he had a great Sauvignon Blanc. As we said, Miss Ginger was in a big ole hurry, so she accepted the sub and headed out the door.

It's truly delish! And even better, it features this fancy new technology: a screw-off cap! Miss Ginger had never seen such a thing before, but she has found it to be the ultimate in convenience! Even when she needs a drink so badly her hands are shaking, she can easily just twist the little cap off like it were Sarah Palin's head! No fucking with cork screws, wine openers, or semi-automatic weapons!

How convenient is that?

Friday, November 27, 2009

How Was Your Turkey (Day)?!

Miss Ginger's was moist and delicious!

After spending 24 hours in the fetal position (thanks, Nutwood Beth!, for burning that image into my brain!) Miss Ginger's bird spent the next 5 hours basking in the infrared glow of the gas grill!
(Miss Ginger masked the wings with aluminum foil so it's little elbows wouldn't burn!!)

Miss G finished setting the table just as the first guests were arriving!

And, oh, what FABULOUS guests they were! Miss G is blessed with the most incredible family and "extended" family that anyone could dream of! Everyone seemed to have a great time, and there was never a lull in the lovely conversation!
Copius amounts of wine were flowing, and Miss G just did a quick "straw poll" in the wine cellar to answer the question many have asked. Yes, the red wine drinkers at the table DID polish off an entire case of pinot noir, and from the stories I've been hearing, many of them were feeling the affects of that today! The white wine drinkers, being the demure group that we are, only polished off about half a case, give or take a bottle. Okay, take.. there were only five left. And considering there were only about 4 of us drinking white, it's a miracle we weren't feeling worse this morning!
It might have been one of Miss G's best Thanksgivings ever!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What are your Thanksgiving Plans?

DD has checked in and reported that he is headed to PA for an Arby's fix. St8upwithatwist is hanging out with friend in Houston. And Kailyn is going to have some quite time alone. Sounds like the GingerSnaps are making some FABULOUS holiday plans!

Miss G has pulled out all the drag queen hostess stops again this holiday season! That smart gurl farmed out most of the menu, so all she has to make is the turkey and cranberry sauce, plus some dinner rolls. Brother John is going to be the resident sommelier, and everyone else is bringing sides, etc.

It takes a while to get the house ready for 16 guests, so Miss G has already started getting everything set for the big day. The regular table won't seat that many people, so she's rearranged the furniture and brought in banquet tables to accomodate the crowd. Jackson and Shelby seem to think that daddy has created a stage for them to put on an adorable show, but what they don't know is that if they don't straighten up real quick they are going to find themselves banished to the utility room until sometime in 2010!! As Miss G has been washing and rinsing all the things she'll need to set the table, she's been laying them out, and no one wants to eat off of a table that a cat has been crawling on, so now she's having to rewash what she's already done! Grrrrrr! I love my babies but they are taxing my patience!

Meanwhile, the turkey is soaking in it's brine bath so it can be moist and delicious! In it's 22 quart "poultry spa", it looks like a wicked, oversized science experiment! Luckily, Casa del Ginger has plenty of refrigeration, so the big lug could go out in one of the outdoor fridges and not take up valuable space in the house!

Oh, and to make it all worse... Celia's in Mexico for the Holidays, so Miss G has to clean the house herself! Ewe! How unthoughtful of the housekeeper to want to be with the family she hasn't seen in over a year, right when Miss G is starting the entertaining season!

So, what is everyone else doing for the holidays?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Miss Ginger is Usually the Last to Know....

So she apogizes if this is old and tired! But she saw it on Mike Alvear's blog and she was very impressed by this little boy's management of ChromaKey® technology!

If "Pumpkin Pie" is on Your Holiday Menu....

after this post you may wish to reconsider!
Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why didn't they have great toys like this....

when Miss Ginger was a little gurl!?

Rough Night and a Desperate Discovery!

Miss Ginger has a love/hate realtionship with her CPAP machine. It's a pain in the ass to be dependent upon an electrical device. It makes lines, creases, and folds on her face that take hours to go away in the morning. It takes up valuable space on her nightstand. And when she travels, it takes up valuable space in her suitcase, and arouses suspicion by TSA agents worlwide.

Yet, tonight she was reminded just how important this beige hunk of plastic is to her life. Yasee, when she went to bed last night, she rolled over to turn in on and it wouldn't work. At first she thought a breaker had tripped, but the lamp and the clock were working. Maybe the cord came out of the back? No, it's there. Wiggle the cord. Jiggle the machine. The stupid little adapter block has been kinda fritzy, so fiddle with it for a minute. Nothing. WTF?! She should have replaced that cord when it first started giving her trouble. But it's always worked. Until now. Oh well. Goodnight, kitties.

Not so good. Miss G tossed, turned, and snored all night long. And now, her throat is sore and swollen from all the snoring. She is exhausted. And, it's Sunday. CPAPs-R-Us won't be open. Shit! Must.. have... sleep! There must be something in this house that uses a cord or adapter that will work...

Cell phone? Wrong shape. Kindle? Too small. Cordless phone? Too big. Laptop? Can't find it. Work laptop? VOILA!!!!

Miss G is going back to bed! Sleep....... must..... have...... sleep!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Drag Terrorists Threaten US Soil!

Gay terrorist cells from somewhere in the middle east are threatening an uprising in the US Homeland! These clever queens apparently slipped by the Department of Homeland Security in a burka-clad shroud, but now that they have infiltrated the US they are adjusting their wardrobe to fit in to mainstream US gay culture. Their leader has been identified at Afghani ex-patriot Yomama Bin Shoppin! Notice how her grey "shoeties" indicate that she has been training for weeks on modern footwear cultural trends!

Beyonce Eats "Mexican Breakfast"!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting My Act Together...

and Taking it on the Road!

We have a GingerSnap who needs to hear this right about now!

Your new "old friends" are here for ya, ZM!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shhhhh- Don't Tell Jack and Shelby....

but Daddy has a new friend in Baton Rouge!

Tonight when Boy G checked into the Baton Rouge Marriott, he was met at the door by this precious creature, Miss Mary Ott! The bellmen said "he won't come... he's scared of everybody!" but SHE came right up to Boy G! All it takes it's the correct gender recognition!

After dinner, I went down and played with Mary for a long time! She snuggled and purred, and we had hours of cheek rubs and ear scratches! She even allowed a couple of quick belly rubs, but there were no "carry ups". At least not on the first date!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


What a FABULOUS day Miss Ginger has had in NOLA today! She worked here on Friday and stayed the weekend to spend time with her favorite (lesbian) cousin, JC, and we have just had an incredible time so far! Last night we got together after work, and decided we wanted authentic Lousiana seafood, so we went to Deanies, right here in the French Quarter. JC had never had a chargrilled oyster, so Miss G knew that had to be on the menu! Yumm!!!

After our night of dining and drinking, we tentatively planned our Saturday, and man, what a Saturday we had!

We started the day on Canal Street at the Audubon Insectarium, one of the newest incarnations of the Audubon Nature Institute. The Audubon Society, now know as the Audubon Nature Institute, is as precious to the South as the Smithsonian is to the nation in general. The Institute began with a humble bird exhibit in 1916, and has gradually grown to a full-fledged treasure with a complete zoo, parks, an aquarium, an IMAX theatre, and now an Insectarium, located in the historic US Customs Building. Some of the insects were gross, many of them were gorgeous, and all were fascinating and educational. The Audubon Insectarium get a bigs thumbs up from Miss G!

Looking at all those bugs made us hungry (?!) so we headed off in search of genuine creole brunch. We decided upon the Old Coffee Pot Restaurant, where we were most pleased with our Eggs Jonathan and Eggs Sardou, plus a couple of the best bloody marys ever!

After brunch, we headed over to the National WWII Museum, another one of NOLA's national treasures! You may wonder why the nation's WWII museum was built in New Orleans, instead of Washington, DC, but the answer makes a lot of sense. The museum began as the New Orleans D-Day Museum, and was intended to commemorate the contribution that New Orleans' own Higgins Industries contributed to the war effort. Andrew Jackson Higgins was a boat builder here in New Orleans, whose original industry was to build swamp boats for local trappers and fisherman. During World War II, Higgins' production. like everyone elses, was shifted to the war effort. Higgins retooled his fishing boat design to accomodate a drop-down ramp at the bow, and the LCVP (Landing Craft for Vehicles and Personnel) was born. The Higgins boat was tested and demonstrated in Lake Ponchartrain as a watercraft that could beach, retreat, and re-beach thousands of times. A tank could be driven from it's drop-down ramp to the beach, and troops could be debarked four abreast, upright, in rapid sequence. The Higgins boat made the invasion at Normandy possible, and was crucial to the America's victory in Europe The D-Day museum was originally designed to commemorate that contribution.
Congress recognized the importance of preserving this important slice of American History, and recognized the museum as the nation's only National World War II museum. Since then, it has grown to include additional exhibits in the main collection, plus a multi-media "4-D" theatre experience that is like IMAX on steroids! It was particularly meaningful to JC and I, since both of our Dads served in WWII, and we were both bawling as we left the theatre! Definitely a not to be missed experience!
Finally, we ended the night with more seafood, more wine, and more bonding. It was truly great to see my favorite cuz!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miss Ginger Believes.... Do You?

The holidays have always been a special time for Miss Ginger.... as a kid, it brought her family together as Baby G and Momma G crafted and cooked together, and she and Poppa G shopped and spoiled together. She and her brothers dreamed of the toys and treasures they would receive, and as they got older, it was more about music: LP's, 8-tracks, cassettes, and eventually CD's!! Momma G and Poppa didn't live long enough to see the advent of MP3's, but if they had, I know Poppa G would have made sure there was an iPod under the tree for all his boys!!
Now it's special for a different reason. The holidays are the busy season for Miss G and her employer, and we work long, hard hours to make it happen. It's what we're all about, and it comes with the territory. Miss G has done this for a long time, with many different companies, but she feels compelled to say that the one she works for now does it better than anyone!

Miss Ginger believes in Santa Claus, and the magic and spirit of the holidays! Do you?

Miss Ginger's Big New Deck... the finale!

Remember a few weeks back when Miss G posted this pic of the little deck out of her back door, sitting next to a big nasty broken space-wasting hottub?

Well, the hottub got ripped out, as well as the old decking material....

And now Miss G has a great big deck, with more room for more guests. She needs an end table of some sort to go next to the settee, doncha think!?
And it even has additional seating built into the end, with storage for her treasures underneath!
Miss Ginger can't wait for you all to come over and sit on her great big deck!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miss Ginger and Dame Shirley: BFF's!

"Made in Scotland" asked if Miss Ginger had heard of Dame Shirley Bassey- apparently the Dame is quite popular among Drag Queens in the UK. My answer: "Gurl, Miss G INVENTED Dame Shirley!" Okay, well maybe not, but she sure as shit loves her! Here's her favorite: "History Repeating"!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Perhaps One's Life is a Bit TOO Fabulous...

when one has to sand the glitter off of their banquet table in order to be able to use it for Thanksgiving Dinner!

I mean, hell, do normal people even HAVE banquet tables? Miss Ginger has 4, and when she pushes them all together in the dining room she can seat 24 comfortably! Of course, the dining table has to go in the kitchen, and the kitchen table goes in the study, but everything fits and Miss G can create a grand banquet for her guests! She used to be able to set 24 places with matching china, too, but that got split up in the divorce, so she's going to have to buy some banquet china before Thanksgiving!

Miss Ginger hasn't had this many people for Thanksgiving in a long time! As you can see, she's started preparing already!

Friday, November 6, 2009

"Sylvester" and "Tweetie"

A friend sent Miss G these pics- presumably from the interwebz. Disclaimer: We don't know the owner of these animals!

We start off with "Tweetie" so busy twittering that he doesn't see the puddy tat! This can't be good news

This gives "Sylvester" the opportunity to sneak up on his unsuspecting prey!

He's got him in a headlock...

but the clever little bird escapes. He stronger than he looks! As Sylvester prepares his next attact, Tweetie asks "can't we resolve this conflict without violence?"

At first Sylvester is pensive.... for years his "people" have settled conflict with violence!

But with a little strong-armed diplomacy, Tweetie states his case for a peaceful resolution

And once they realize that one man's parasite is another man's feast, they create an alliance for life!

"Tweetie for President... of the whole fucking world!"

Sad Day in Texas...

Fort Hood, Texas , should be such a lovely place... crawling with hot, young soldiers readying for military deployment.

But it turned ugly Thursday when this sorry Son of a Bitch

walked in to a medical facility in Fort Hood and opended fire, killing 12 people and wounding 13 others. Worst part of all, is that MAJOR Nidal Malik Husan was a psychiatrist from the Walter Read facility. And to rub salt in it all, the US Government and it's military paid for his medical training! All of it! Known to be "a devout muslim", this asshat managed to walk into a military facility with a loaded firearm (you'd think they'd check for that kind of shit!) and open fire. Bad news for him he that he chose to do it in Texas... we hang people here if you dent our pickup trucks. This asshat is gonna fry!

But seriously, the families of those killed and injured deserve our thoughts and prayers! There are more details on the story here. I'm sure we'll be hearing lots more about this as this slimewad is brought to justice to face what he did. The "mistreated outcast" and "misunderstood muslim" diatribe is starting already. It's gonna get ugly, I can tell!

In other news from the "fucked up Texans hiding behind fucked up religions" file, this asshole,

Raymond Jessop, was the first of the pussies from the FDLS "Yearning for Zion" "ranch" to be convicted of child molestation for having sex and impregnating underaged girls. Shown here in standard issue child-molester track suit, with the standard issue smug mormon grin, Jessop awaits his sentencing, scheduled for next Monday.

This dude may as well hang it up... save us the court costs and the the processing fees! Here's a message for him from Miss Ginger: "You won't survive the first week in prison, so be a man for the the first time in your life and swallow a bullet, you sorry son of a bitch!"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The "Shake Date!"

Even Miss Ginger, who doesn't watch much TV, has seen the infomercial for the ridiculous "Shake Weight". But she never realized what a useful workout it could be until this parody starting making its rounds on the internet! Parody indeed!

Election Update...

Annise made it to a runoff with former City Attorney Gene Locke. She came out ahead with 38% of the votes, so Miss Ginger has great hopes she will ultimately be Houston's 1st gay Mayor! The GLBTQ community has been behind Annise all along, and I'm sure the spirit will be even greater now that she's one step closer! Miss G may even have to throw a little campaign fundraiser to make sure she's got enough support to come out ahead!

Sue Lovell, the lesbian candidate for City Council, will also be facing a runnoff. She, too, was ahead in the popular vote, but not by a large enough margin to avoid a runnoff.

And unfortunately, our boy Carlos was not victorious, but DAMN, he is still ultra cute! I'm sure this won't be the last we see of Carlos in the Houston political scene! For now, Miss G leaves you with one more picture of the uber-handsome politico:

Monday, November 2, 2009

In Other Local Races....

...there are at least 3 openly gay candidates running for various City Council seats in Houston. Honestly, City Council races usually bore Miss Ginger: "something about crime"... "something about neighborhoods"... "something about transit".... "something about land use"....

That is, until Carlos announced he was running for City Council!

Ah, Carlos! What can Miss G say about dear, sweet Carlos? She met him at a black tie affair, and damn, if that boy doesn't look FINE in black tie! He's not the most experienced candidate on the ballot, and based on our conversation, he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but really, people... are you that shallow? Do you select your leadership based solely on experience and intelligence? What about charisma? and charm? and shear, unadulterated, utter sex appeal? Now THESE are the traits Miss Ginger looks for when endorsing a candidate!

So, Miss G knows there's a lezzie running for some Council seat, and another old gay guy running for the other, and she'll vote for them if she can remember their name tomorrow morning! But, you can bet your bottom dollar on one thing: when it comes time to cast her vote for City Council At-large Position 5, she will be casting her vote for her future husband: Carlos A. Obando! She's perfect for the job of "First Lady At-Large"- I mean, c'mon people... they don't come much larger! Now, if she can just convince Carlos.... !

Tomorrow is Election Day!

And it's a big one for the GLBTQ community in Houston! Out lesbian Annise Parker, who has served on Houston's City Council and as City Controller, is running for Mayor! Both Miss Ginger and Boy Ginger have met Annise on several occassions and have always been struck by her smile and her sincerity. She is known for having run a tight ship with the city's pursestrings, which is important in our current economic environment! Better yet, while she is active, visible, and supportive within the GLBTQ community, the word on the street among the straights is that she is respected for having refrained from using her position to further a "gay" agenda. Personally, I think she has been more than "neutral", but clearly shrewd enough to remain fair, consistent, and popular!

There are 3 other candidates, and Annise and 2 others are considered "front runners". There is likely to be a run-off, and Miss G is quite sure Annise will be a part of it! Stay tuned for tomorrow nights election results- right here on TFBOMGG!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best Halloween Costume Yet!!!

The Boys at In-n-Out always do Halloween right! Isn't Andrew's costume (r) hilarious!?

Miss Ginger Chimes in...

on Wonder Man's extension of Joe.My.God's post of the gayest album covers ever. Check their posts for those revealed thus far... Miss G has to admit that a tiny Baby G was strangely aroused as a youngster by the cover of her Orleans album "Waking and Dreaming"!

FYI... 2nd from left was her favorite!

But she also remembers, everytime her Dad would take her to the Mall, going to Musicland (blast from the past, people?!) and checking out the cover of Grand Funk Railroad's "All the Girls in the World: Beware!"

That gets Miss Ginger's vote as the "Gayest Album Cover Ever!" Can anyone top that?

Spoiled Rotten!

Nobody loves this FABULOUS weather we are having in Texas more than Miss Shelby Marie! There are sunbeams to be lounged in all over the house, and in the mornings her Daddy evern lights her fireplace for her! She's a very lucky gurl!


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