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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Drag Queen Martha Stewart?

As many of you faithful GingerSnaps know,  Queen Ginger fancies herself a bit of a drag queen Martha Stewart. Not only is the resemblance uncanny, but the Queen modestly boasts that she can meet Martha glitter for glitter, spatula for spatula, and garden for garden when it comes to practical domesticity.  You all KNOW Queen Ginger can serve some major HOUSEWIFE REALNESS, OKAYYYYYYYY?

Queen Ginger has blogged many times about her domestic prowess, and has recently started a satellite blog that further reveals her amazing kitchen wizardry! And each times she creates a post that basks in her manoristic glory, she tags it "drag queen martha stewart" just KNOWING that the bitch googles herself regularly, and would certainly want to meet someone even more beautiful and talented than she!

Do you know that damn google doesn't even FIND Queen Ginger's posts?!  I mean, really, that motherf&*#r must be defective, because it finds all of her other posts! Google "drag queen ginger grant"... her blog is first on the list!  Google "drag queen philanthropy".... guess who's first!  Google "Miss Mint Julep"... there I am!

But google "drag queen martha stewart"?  Crickets.  

Miss Ginger MUST meet Martha!  It's in her DNA to be one with this domestic goddess!  Since Momma G passed away,  Martha is all I have for advice on stuffing, sewing, and all things glitter and sparkly!  

It's an obsession... but not a scary, stalkerish kind!

HOW can Queen Ginger meet Martha? Anyone got any ideas?


David Dust said...

When I worked for the insane Decorator, one of his clients was/is friendly with Martha. In fact, Insane Decoratator got introduced to Ms. Stewart at one of the annual antique show galas while I worked for him. This KILLED me because I had also been invited but declined to attend.

And NO - I will not call that insane bitch (the Decorator, not Martha), not even for you my Darling. He and I haven't spoken for over two years and I intend to keep it that way.


Bob said...

I was going to suggest prison, but Martha wouldn't do that again.
But, in the interests of the public good, i did an AOL searc for "DQMS" and this is what I got:

List of drag queens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .... - Similar

The FABULOUS Blog of Miss Ginger Grant!: Drag Queen Martha ...
May 3, 2011 ... And each times she creates a post that basks in her manoristic glory, she tags it "drag queen martha stewart" just KNOWING that the bitch ... - Similar

RuPaul Pictures - Isaac Mizrahi & Iman Visit Sirius XM's ...
Jan 24, 2011 ... Television personality/drag queen RuPaul visits Martha Stewart Living Radio at SIRIUS XM Studio on January 25, 2011 in New York City. - Similar

Number two.....with a psatula!

Wonder Man said...

you have to meet her

Beth said...

I've got your blog as #2 and #3 when I google it. You're movin' on up!

So looking forward to seeing you next week! We're gonna tear it up! XOXO


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