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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shelby Misses Her Pillow....

I mean brother!!

The report on Jackson was not particularly encouraging today.  Because of his weakness, they did not insert a peg tube into his stomach yesterday. He is being fed through the naso tube, and that seems to be helping him gain some strength.  His liver tests, while definitely indicating fatty liver syndrome, are coming back higher than normal for that condition, indicating that something else may be wrong with the liver as well.  The liver aspirate didn't show signs of cancer, but there is only so much the doctors can tell from that procedure.  In addition, he has developed a slight fever, which could simply be an indication that with the help of antibiotics, he is fighting the infection in his bladder. He apparently continues to become a bit more active and alert, and even growled a bit at the doctor, which was taken as a good sign.  Assuming that he continues to strengthen, tomorrow the doctors hope to place the peg tube.  If he seems strong enough, and the liver results are still high, they may also biopsy the liver to gain a better understanding of what is going on there. Meanwhile, he continues to respond well to the insulin and his blood sugar appears stable.  He still has absolutely no interest in feeding, but the doctors seem to think that perhaps he might take food from me tomorrow, so we will try that. I'm going to bring his favorite treat, Pill Pockets, to see if a familiar hand feeding a familiar bit might be more the the Prince's liking!  The doctors are still somewhat encouraging, but today the doctor said the next 24 hours would probably give us a better indication of what the ultimate outcome will be.

On the homefront, today has been the worst day yet!  Having my brothers here the past 2 days has been a blessing, and a very welcome distraction.  Now that they are gone, I find myself tired, depressed, and at times weepy.  Shelby seems okay, and luckily I've not had to leave her alone for any length of time, so I'm not sure how aware she is of his absence.

Your kind words and messages mean more to us right now than you can know! Please keep them coming, and continue to keep Jackson in your thoughts! 


Sam said...

Aww. Hugs Miss G. Here's to jackson's quick and excellent recovery. Bill and I send much love. Keep your head up high!

Beth said...

It sounds like a mixed bag of news. :/ I'm so glad your brothers were there to give you love and support, and you know you've got it from plenty of others quarters as well! Love to you and to the kitties. Sending big hugs!

Beth said...

Oops, "other" quarters. You know what I meant. ;)

mistress maddie said...

It is always hard, but you two will comfort each other! Big (((((hugs to you from me))))) Thanks for keeping us posted. Your still in my thoughts.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

glad you get to go and see him tomorrow. Sending positive thoughts.

David Dust said...

Dear Sister -

It breaks my heart that I can't be there to give you hugs and fetch you desperately needed glasses of wine. But you are in my thoughts - as is Jackson.


Bob said...

We're thinking of Jackson here, too, and hoping for the best.
The fact that he growled, I think, might be a good sign. Maybe he's just waiting for those treats.


Red pillows said...

Wish you all the happiness. Cheer up!


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