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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Big Week!

It's been a big week full of big events and big hats, and more excitement still to come!!

Saturday, Miss Ginger was honored to host the 4th Annual Derby Day at the BRB, benefiting Legacy Community Health Services! This event has really grown since we started it 4 years ago, and more people than ever participated in the hat contest and general frivolities of the day!  Of course, Miss Ginger's hats had to be the biggest and most fabulous, and her first one was resplendent with pink roses in her favorite shades of blush and bashful!  All those flowers also attracted 3 huge butterflies, and the whole this topped out almost 3 foot above the top of her head!! She almost pulled an all-nighter Friday to get 3 hats together, but it was worth it to hear the crowd ooh and aah over them!

Sunday was a day of rest and reflection! In honor of Momma G, Miss Ginger spent most of the day in the kitchen, doing the things Momma G taught her!  She's always with me when I'm in there, and I can hear her talking me through every step of every recipe!  Today, we made one of her favorites: Corn and Tomato soup! It's so easy- make a vegetable broth, strip the corn from the cobs and throw it in there, and add a can of tomatoes!  Yum!  Corn is in season right now so it's really cheap and beautiful!

There were also several naps interspersed throughout Sunday as she prepares herself for the other big event of the week:  meeting Nutwood Beth and Bucko in NOLA!!  Beth was one of the first bloggers to befriend Miss G back in the AOL Journal days, and we've kept up with each other ever since, and have always vowed to meet!  So, this week is it!  She and her hubby arrived last Saturday, along with her cousin and their partner, and they have been partying all weekend!  During the week they have lots of fun, touristy stuff planned, and Miss G gets into town Wednesday evening for our first "meetup" and few nightcaps!  Thursday Miss G will work, then Thursday night and Friday, it's all about the party!  Miss G can't wait to show them all her favorite places, and is looking forward to taking them Molly's at the Market so they can meet Mr. Wu!!

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas- presumably because every vows to follow that "code".  But what happens in NOLA stays in NOLA, too.  But that's because everyone drinks so much, they really don't remember!!

But, with 3 of us blogging the goings on, you can all expect a full report!


Beth said...

LOL We used that phrase tonight...what happens in NOLA stays in NOLA!

Oooo-wheee, gonna have some fun mid-week! Can't wait to meet you, cher! (Did I sound New Orleans-y there?) Love ya!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

happy monday! loved the hat- thought it was way nicer than some of the abominations we saw featured from that wedding a couple of weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Great hat-sorry we could not make it. MBC

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Miss G is a peach :o)


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