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Friday, May 20, 2011

A Prince is Fallen.....

....may he find strength and spirit to rise again!

Jackson Manuel Brown Latry Burch is a very, very sick kitty.  The doctors in the ICU at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists have his condition listed a "serious".  Currently, he is receiving IV fluids to combat dehydration, and will get a feeding tube this afternoon to provide nourishment while he convalesces.

His case is complicated by his diabetes and a heart murmur. He apparently has feline hepatic lipidosis, which is an accumulation of fats in the liver. In his case, it was probably caused by the relatively rapid weight loss he experienced when his diabetes was treated and his diet changed.

There are several other things that can cause some of the issues her is suffering, so the doctors are working on ruling those out as they continue to stabilize his condition and get water and food into him.    If he can be successfully rehydrated without complications, and the doctors can overcome his anorexia by force feeding him, he could pull through and live several more years.

The next 24 hours will be crucial for our little man.  If the doctors decide that he can be treated, and he seems to respond well to initial treatments, then he will be treated and we will get him through this. He's always been such a strong kitty, and even through this hid his misery until the end!  If what he has is not treatable, or if he doesn't seem to respond to the early courses of treatment, then Queen Ginger will be facing other difficult decisions.

Of course, Princess Shelby is a wreck!  After being hauled along to 2 veterinary clinics in one day, plus getting some poking and prodding of her own, all she wants to do is snuggle up in a sunbeam with her brother, and she can't seem to find him!  She seems to be acutely aware that something scary is amiss.

Please send positive thoughts Jackson's way.  If you are a prayerful person, perhaps that would help him.  I'm willing to try anything to keep my little man!


JC said...

Sorry to hear of your Cat-tastrophy. Hope he pulls through, pretty cat, and I am not a cat person... so you know I mean it.

Prayer and Karma heading to Houston

Lisa said...

Sassy and I are sending prayers to you and both babies. Let me know if I can do anything....

behrmark said...

Winston and I are sending purrs, head scratches, belly rubs, prayers, and will sacrifice a mouse at midnight in honor of Jackson. BEHR HUGS to your majesty for strength and peace.

Kailyn said...

Boris, Natasha and I are sending positive energy y'alls way.

Anonymous said...

Glad you took him to the vet-he was OK this last week, but was hard to get out from underneath the bed and give him his medicine. MBC

mrs. miss alaineus said...

kitty is sending her wishes for a speedy convalescence your way, as are mr.m and i.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Still sending good thoughts your way.

Lulu said...

I went thru something similar, she had Diabetes and I didn't find out until it was to late. That was a year ago and I still haven't gotten over it. I hope things work out well for you two,
Big hugs to one cat lover from another,

Beth said...

I just saw this...hang in there, Jackson, you are very loved and need to stick around a while longer! Kitty hugs and kisses!


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