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Monday, October 26, 2009

Best Wishes to the future Mrs. Mischief!!!

When Mr. Mischief said he had asked a very important question on his blog, Miss Ginger asked herself "do I dare hope?" Well, I did hope, and wish, and pray, and it came true! And Miss Alaineous replied, in characteristic fashion: "you bet your sweet bippy I said YES!" Actually, that may not be so characteristic... it was pretty "G-rated"! But that's the thing about our gurl.... you never know what she's gonna say! But this time she got it right, and Miss G is pleased as punch... spiked with everclear, of course!

Anyho, mention a wedding and a drag queens thoughts turn to dresses. Not that it's much of a turn... drag queens pretty much always think of dresses! Anyway, Miss G thought she would try to help Miss A find the perfect bridal ensemble. Here's what she's got so far:

Choice #1: Over-the-top Traditional:

Miss G recognizes that she may be projecting herself on this one. While this might be Miss G's fantasy dress, it could be a bit much volume for Miss Alaneous!

Choice #2: Classically Traditional:

Not quite so over the top, and a bit sexy and playfull with the open back. Still, it's a lot of look!

Choice #3: Painfully Period:

Knowing Miss A's penchant for history and all things educational, Miss G searched for a "period wedding dress". She got this dreadfully Victorian number with a Kentucky Derby headpiece.

Choice #4: Hollywood Glam:This Marilyn look is cute, young, and simple. And it doesn't require big boobs to look great. Miss G has never seen the requisite boobs, so she's not sure what she's working with here!

Choice #5: Over-the-top Sexy:

Deciding that a shorter dress might be the right way to go, Miss Ginger dared to search for "sexy wedding dresses". The hit she got certainly is! It's kinda cute- if Miss A can pull it off, I say go for it. I'm afraid Tim Gunn might opine: "you're teetering on the edge of costume here!"

Option #6: Runway Glam:
Miss Ginger thinks she's headed the wrong direction with this one! Assuming Miss A has the figure to pull this off (it only comes in a size 1!) I still think it's too informal to be a wedding dress. And she looks barefoot in those flesh tone shoes!

Option # 7: Hippy Chic:
In an effort to course-correct, Miss G searched for "hippy bridal gowns", thinking that might get us a bit more down to earth. I think we ended up with more of a costume for a high school production of "Aquarius!"

Choice #8: Renfaire Beerwench:
Even though she gave it a very derogatory title, Miss G actually likes this gown! The hairpiece and handbag need to go, but the bustline is great if Miss A has the boobs for it... and if she doesn't, Macy's has a bra that can fix that! I like this one a lot, but I'm not sure if Miss A will.

Choice # 9: Goth Girl Glam:
I'm thinking this may be the look Miss Alaneous likes best. It's a bit lacy, but it's still racy and edgy, too. The stylist has done a great job here. I think Miss A could rock this look.

Choice #10: A Ginger Grant original!
Maybe Miss A just needs to start from scratch and work with Miss G to design a ground-up original! Depending on the wedding date, Miss G would be THRILLED to run up a little number that would suit Miss A to a "T"!

Vote for your favorite on Miss G's sidebar!

PS: this blog entry was NOT approved by Miss A! She may think she can pick out her own dress!


Mr.Mischief said...

I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes Miss Ginger! lol

miss alaineus said...

i am leaning a little more towards the t-shirt (not white of course) that LOOKS like a wedding dress.

then mr. m can wear the t shirt that LOOKS like a tux (he can pick the color) and we can rock a look that can be worn again after the nupitals.

ps i am still humming the chorus from aquarius...

and i of course thank you for the offer of the dress- i think we should make a dress for the cat based on the votes for the winning style. tony's dog is gonna dress up too :

my word verification is shmega as in a shmega party!

it's not just mega its SHMEGA!

Beth said...

I voted for Hollywood glam. What an awesome dress, and Miss A would rock it! XOXO

DuPree said...

Anything more flouncy than a Vera Wang sheath dress with fishtail train is just tacky.

Flesh colored shoes?!? I may hemorrhage.

You want sleek, slim and modern - and tasteful. Gloves are for brides over 50 who use Porcelana and puffy sleeves are for people who collect Precious Moments figurines they buy on QVC.

We're talking SATIN not SEQUINS, people.

It's simply that easy.

An don't serve salmon at the reception or I will kill you.


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