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Monday, October 26, 2009

For You Retired Researchers Out There...

with time on your hands for internet research...
how did the phrase "going commando" originate?


Kailyn said...

I felt the need to do some research before heading off to bed. (Yes, my bad sleep patterns have returned once more.)

So I point you to those fine folks at Wikipedia. Yeah, it's unconfirmed but hey, it's almost 2 in the morning my time. What the hell do you expect?

Michael Rivers said...

That is a VERY good question. I never thought about this until now. I'd like to know too!

Joy said...

I feel that I inspired this query. Well, actually Boy G inspired it, but I commented. I checked and just found it really was military in origin. I read that here - and this is the last part of it:

When did the term "going commando" enter the civilian lexicon? The phrase dates back to at least the middle of the 20th century, when Americans used it to mean "toughening up." (That meaning persists to this day in some contexts.) The phrase's more common connotation dates back to at least 1974, when it appeared in a source on college slang. The phrase "crotch rot" emerged during the same period: It first appeared in 1967. It's possible that "going commando" first poked its way into the public consciousness during the Vietnam War, when American special forces were spending extended periods in hot, wet jungle environments. The phrase got its big break in 1996, when Joey and Rachel went commando on an episode of Friends.


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