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Friday, October 9, 2009

Sex is Sex, Goddamit!

The uber-conservative and VERY Republican Houston Chronicle ran a very uncharacteristic "blog post" today entitled "Teens and gay sex: the numbers may suprise you"! Apparantly, there is shock in the universe that teen boys don't recognize butt fucking as "gay". WTF!?

These stats don't suprise Miss Ginger at all! While "acceptance" of gay sexuality may not be markedly increased among America's "adult" population today, "conversation" about such controversy is definitley "up"! In my parent's day, the conversation about the local florist was gossip about whether he "was" or "wasn't", not about whether he "should" or "should not" be allowed to marry!
It didn't matter one little bit to me and my best friend in high school! When he threw rocks at my second floor window on Saturday night, he knew that my momma had gone to bed, and my daddy was sound asleep in his recliner! We knew we could go up to my room and explore each other's bodies in a way we knew would not be accepted by our parents, yet in a way we did not identify as "gay". I mean, c'mon... it was a small town in south Louisiana! We knew there were people in the world who were "gay", but we had also been taught that this "freak of nature" only occured in places like California and New York. Even though we knew what we did with each other was "wrong" in the eyes of our parents, we also knew it brought us great pleasure, and a treasure we could share only with each other!
When we were in college, it was my BFF who first discovered that there were others in the world who could share such intense pleasure with us. At first, I was jealous, but I soon realized that I was not so much jealous that my love had been usurped as I was that my best friend was having thrills that I was not enjoying! Once I realized I could have the same euphoria, all was well in the Universe!
Then, Baby Ginger became the horndog of South Louisiana! She fucked what she could, and worked out until she could fuck what she previously couldn't! She was the belle of the ball, the wrecker of homes, and the breaker of hearts!
Then, the worst possible of scenarios occurred: she graduated from college!! Quelle dommage! She would now be required to earn her own way in the world!
Lucky for her, her parents didn't know about the whole "butt fuck" thing, although she's quite convinced that before their untimely deaths, an unspoken "don't ask, don't tell" policy evolved. Momma G once said "your Daddy and I don't tell about our sex life; we don't want to hear about yours!" 'nuff said! The 'ner disinherated Miss G can live with all that!
Originally, this post had a single point, but its has now evolved into a "bi-pointed" post!

Point #1: As conversations about sexuality become more comfortable, and lines between "gay" and "straight" blur, it's important that high school age kids learn that intimate contact with another human of either gender can put them at risk for STD's. It's no longer the Grease mentiality of "don't fuck the easy girls" and you'll be okay!
Point #2: Miss G's philanthropic focus has evolved, Miss G realizes, as a way for her to "make right with the world" her parents very narrow focus on sexuality. What better way to repair their naivety than to use their own money to support a cause they would have opposed... because they assumed it did not apply to them! If they had known how important the cause was to their baby boy, they would have been the proudest parents the the P-flag rally. Eventually! Love ya, Joy and Frank! And I wish you were alive today to see how succesful and happy your baby boy has become!!!


Beth said...

I don't doubt for a moment that Mama and Papa G would have loved you no matter fact, it sounds like they were pretty sure what was going on, and never once stopped loving you!

You make an excellent point about STDs. So many people--whether kids or adults--don't realize that many sexual practices can result in the transmission of infectious diseases. There doesn't have to be a fire in the hole to result in the hole! XOXO Beth

Howard said...

Agreed, kids don't need to be taught sex itself is evil, just that unprotected sex is, leading to STDs and/or unwanted pregnancies. Intimacy and emotional growth are good things. While at times the grumpy old man in me worries for the future with these kids today, I often look and say thank gawd they are taking over.

Bob said...

Who needs a shrink with Miss G around?
I completely agree with you on Point One. Carlos works with the Black, Hispanic and Homeless communitIes doing HIV education outreach and testing. And he, and I, are stunned by the idea that parents don't discuss condoms or safe with their kids, but discuss abstinence ad nauseum. In a state with one of the highest teen pregnnancy rates in the country should show them that abstinennce is not working.
Now, on to Point Two. I think your parents knew, and know, and they couldn't be more proud of their child. I think there was a Don't Ask, Don't Tell mentality in those older generations and it wasn't done out of shame or disgust for the person, but out of the simple idea that it wasn't their business. Thanks goddess things have changed! And I think your parents would love what you do and how you're doing it.

You set a fabulous example, Miss G.

miss alaineus said...

just another reason you are one of my role speak the truth and you do it oh so eloquently. teach people to live honestly and the rest will follow. our problem is in the honestly part: people are afraid to simply be what they are, human. by being open and honest about formerly taboo topics like sexuality, maybe more kids will be less afraid to simply be themselves.

i know your parents would be proud of you!!!!!


miss alaineus said...

my word verification is "SLAYERS"

we need to become slayers of the bias that ends up repressing people and perpetuates the current stereotypes held about straight v gay.

again you rock!!!!!!


Michael Rivers said...

Great post. Very well done. I come from small town South Dakota--so I know a lot of this.

By the way--"She fucked what she could, and worked out until she could fuck what she previously couldn't! She was the belle of the ball, the wrecker of homes, and the breaker of hearts!" Is that a line from a Joan Crawford movie?

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Well said and gives a peak into the history of Miss G. Thank You :o)


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