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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Demise of the "Big Gay Living Room"!

Quelle dommage!

Every big city used to have it's "Big Gay Living Room". You know, the bar that opened by at least 1pm, was the first to get a crowd, got REALLY crowded around happy hour, got REALLY crowded again just after 10pm, and then emptied abruptly about 30 minutes before last call! It was the bar where you knew the bartenders, always liked the music, and could usually just "show up" and run into at leat 20 people you knew!

Well, Miss Ginger has discovered that "TBGLR" is dead. Gone. Extinct. No longer needed. Like the abacus and bathtub gin, the THBGLR is obsolete..... gone forever!

In Houston, TBGR was JR's- "Never a cover, always a groove". On any given Sunday afternoon at JR's in the 90's. JR's would be PACKED with men! Older men looking to regain their lost youth. Younger men looking to see and be scene! And a young drag queen just looking to make friends in the world!

Not so much anymore! Miss G went for lovely afternoon cocktails with a new friends today, and we were initially SHOCKED at the scant crowd (though, Miss G must admit, THRILLED with the parking!) After a few cocktails and a bit of observation, we realized that there were several factions missing!

1. The young... Thanks to "Will and Grace" and other such shows, homosexuality is so well tolerated among young people that the gays and straights now just all party together! What the hell! Miss G tolerated the gropes of all the old farts when she was a cute young stud, so Goddamit, who's she supposed to grope now?!

2. The connected...what with "Twatter" and "facegrope" and all those other newfangeled sites, the boys don't have to drink until they filter through the rifraff to determine the least common denominator that will hook up with them tonight! They can just enter their search criteria and "badaboom... meet me in the third stall at Denny's on I-45 at 10pm!"

3. The old... they are too busy to go out! It takes hours to Photoshop their face onto a younger body with convincing realism!

Miss G misses the "good old days"!

What was YOUR Big Gay Living Room?


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

While the nostalgic days are gone, it is a good sign that there are so many more options available today.

David Dust said...

You know - you are RIGHT! When we were young' we had to put up with horny old men. And now that WE are the horny old men, the young hotties are all at home on the Twatter!!!!

I have never been one to drink early - you know me, once I start I don't usually stop. But when I first moved to NYC, the now-closed Uncle Charlies was TBGLR for me. And let me tell you - those old fogies were ALL OVER my skinny blond ass! When will it be my turn?!?

Great post.


Wonder Man said...

DV8 in Paducah, Ky

Beth said...

LOL What to do when there are no gropees left for the gropers?! XOXO

"Tommy" said...

Suga Pie....

I do remember those days....

I was of the younger set then.....

Stand at George's in BR... on the left corner looking at the door.

Oh well.... Thanks for bringing back the Memories.



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