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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Course Correction

Sometimes we all make bad decisions. Miss Ginger has been living with 2 such decisions for about 4 years now, and had decided to do something about it!

Bad Decision #1- Birch Trees

About 5 years ago when the house was expanded and the back patio was created of flagstone and brick, Miss Ginger had the stonemason leave a little semicular clip in the corner to make a planting area, and she planted 5 little birch trees. So adorable, with little uplights and everything.

But now, they have just become the nightmare trees from hell! They drop shit on the patio all year long. Vines from the neighbors yards crawl across the fence and climb up in them. Their branches tangle in the power lines and phone lines. And birds sit in them and shit all over the patio table. They need to go!

Bad Decision #2- Hot Tub

This seemed like a great idea at the time! I guess Miss G had visions of a whole lot of this:

Instead, to Miss G it felt a whole lot more like this!

What a pain in the ass that thing was! Keeping the sanitizer level consistent was a nightmare, and the water just never seemed "clean" to Miss G. The first time it leaked, we fixed it. The second time it leaked, Miss G realized that it would continue to be a problem until the 10 miles of flexible piping that form its bowels got replaced. Miss G decided "fuck it" and shut the Goddam thing off at the breaker. It always made her skin itch anyway! It now serves only as a play surface for Nog.

So, off they both go. Of course, Boy Ginger wanted to do all these projects himself, but the ever clever Miss G said "Hell, no, we are hiring professionals!" So, she found an adorable little contractor who is going to rip out the hot tub and extend the deck into that space, and also provide some storage underneath and additional seating up top. And Miss Mary Beth is going to take her turbocharged chainsaw to the birch trees, and off they go! Projects that would take Boy G several months will be finished and cleaned up in no time flat!

All that will be left for Boy G is to plant a more appropriate specimen at the corner of the patio (Miss G is thinking bird-of-paradise), and then Miss G can add some fall color to the planter boxes!

Now that we have FINALLY reached that GLORIOUS weather stage that Texas gets to enjoy for about 2 months, Miss G can enjoy her back yard and spend more time with Nog! It's beautiful outside- a perfect 70 degrees with no humidity and not a cloud in the sky! We'll get to enjoy this until about Thanksgiving, when it is likely to get rainy! How's your weather?


mistress maddie said...

Good for you Miss G make getting things done. It always feels good to do that doesn't it? I would never have a hot tub myself. Just something else to fix, but I do enjoy them! And the birch tress I admit are very beautiful but I agree again-messy!

Take care hon-

David Dust said...

It's friggin FREEZING here in NYC. Bring your fur coat!!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Birch trees grow like weeds once they get started, so getting rid of them seems appropriate. As for the Hot Tub, they can be fun, but like you have found out, are a lot of work.

Enjoy the rest of your nice weather weekend :o)

Beth said...

Yeah, we love our river birches, but they're out back, by the pond. Probably a little much for a small patio tree! I also don't handle hot tubs well--if I can only sit in it for maybe 10 minutes before I get overheated, what's the point? Sounds like you'll enjoy your "new" deck much more (and so will Nog)! XOXO Beth

behrmark said...

Oh Miss G...please please please NOT Bird of Paradise! Besides being the official flower of the city of Los Angeles, it multiplies like bunnies and is far more difficult to remove than birch trees. I believe you should plant something that equals your beauty and hints at your Texan pride. That's right darlin' - a yellow rose!

Bob said...

70 degrees!

it's 39-degrees in Smallville this AM!

But, enjoy the backjyard while you can. I, too, love birch trees, but not near the patio!

MadeInScotland said...

It's very autumn. The leaves are falling.

I'm 11.7C in central London.

We have early morning mist like this:

which is not steam from the hot tub! We don't do outside hot tubs here! Though maybe by 2015.


Joy said...

That is good weather - 70 and no humidity! Sounds like good changes for sure! I have never been a fan of hot tubs and even prefer showers to baths. Sitting in hot water is not my cup of tea bags.

It was 40 when I got home at 1-ish AM and is 54 right now. After being in the Caribbean, it feels good. The leaves are beginning to be pretty and changing colors.

Kyle said...

Glad you are going to get the work done by someone else. Your plans for the back sound delightful.

Enjoy the great weather in TX Ginger! We are at 37 degrees in NH right now and we have a chance of snow in the forecast tonight.

Dan said...

Girl - who you kidding, I know you had a hot tub full of hitties!


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