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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Packinherbags.... AGain!

Miss Ginger is packing her bags... again! And this time it's a triple pack! 1st, she has to pack Boy G for a trip to Baton Rouge tomorrow. Smart boy actually routed the trip through NOLA and planned the sleepover there, so he'll land in NOLA tomorrow, hit the casino, and then drive the short trip to BR Thursday am for the workday, then fly back home that night. Then, she's got to get him and herself packed for DDBW II!! What an ordeal! He'll be easy to pack... a couple of pairs of jeans, some sweaters and a jacket, and he's good to go... he hasn't worn underpants in years!

Miss G, on the other hand, has got some work ahead of her!
It starts with the shoes... she's got to pick something FABULOUS and stylish, yet walkable... it's NYC after all! That schlep from the hotel to Esquelita could get ugly in the wrong shoes! Once the shoes are picked, she can choose an ensemble... something suitably FABULOUS to greet her NYC fans for the first time, yet not so flashy that she attracts il paparazzi! Why ruin an otherwise perfect evening with gawkers?! Once the clothes are selected, they will dictate the appropriate foundation garments... these thighs don't leave the house without lycra! She'll have to sift through the tackle box of spackle to find the cosmetics she'll need, because she doesn't want to haul the whole box on the plane! Then, there's la coiffure! OMG, what a hassle! It has to be wrapped in bubble wrap, nested into a corrugated box, and carefully place into a suitcase to be clearly labeled "FRAGILE- Handle with Care!" so those handsome luggage handlers will know to be particularly careful with Miss G's most important feature! No wonder the bitch doesn't get out much!
But, it will be worth the hassle to see her DEAR sister Mamie, the handsome Marker, and the ever chipper Sissy and his handsome hubby Joe! Oh, and Howard, Miss G's official DJ for the weekend! Gurl don't go nowhere without her soundtrack! Toodles, poodles! Hope you get to see me in NYC! Be there or miss Miss Times Square!!!!


Howard said...

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

miss alaineus said...

i am so pissed i have a work EVENT weekend and can't hop in the car and crash the party- it's only like a 9 hour drive from here!


Kyle said...

Have a great time Ginger! With that group I think you'd have to be a corpse not to have a very memorable weekend.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Somehow, I think you will get past the packing hassles, and have a Fabulous time in Times Square, miss :o)

mistress maddie said...

I can't believe I going to miss all the festitvties! I may hate my job for a couple of days...... Have one for me and put some digits down the go-go's g-string for me!

David Dust said...

Girl ... I cannot wait to see you.


Joy said...

Boy G goes commando!!! Oh my!

I wish I could see him and Miss Ginger! Have fun! (of course you will)


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