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Monday, October 19, 2009

What is it about a daddy?

There is something about a young daddy that just butters Miss Ginger's bread. Not a hairy, cigar-smoking, chaps-wearing leather daddy (although those are okay, too!) Miss G means a stroller-pushing, snot-wiping, species-breeding daddy! Maybe it's the ultimately "can'thaveability" of the situation? Or maybe it's the look of the "look what I did and it didn't even hurt" cockiness on his face. Whatever it is, you gotta admit there's something uber-hot about this:

But honey, he could do WAY better than that mama!! Miss Ginger can't squirt out babies, but she'd happily hire a nanny to take care of as many as he wants to adopt if that would keep him happy!


Eric Arvin said...

I think it's the mix of masculinity at its strongest and vulerability at its sweetest. Inside the bulky, muscle frame there's a heart that can break just as easily as anyone's. I dunno. That's whI feel whenever I see pics like those. Swoooon.

Michael Rivers said...

Very sweet photo. It looks professional. I wonder why he took off his shirt? lol. He deserves to be viewed shirtless but I think the baby is the focal point of the photo. lol.

I agree with Eric. Swoon indeed!

Beth said...

I'm with Michael. Why is he shirtless in this family photo? I think someone is in love with himself! XOXO

Wonder Man said...

he's a hottie, hard to think about the baby

Mark in DE said...

Yeah, sometimes I see good looking men pushing strollers and I think they're sexy. Then I realize they are about 20 years younger than me and I get sad.

Coelha :B said...

Very odd! Is a body building family picnic, or what?! Weird.

Dan said...

maybe thats just the gay uncle?

MadeInScotland said...

well, as they say, I don't like a man with too many muscles.

Just one BIG ONE.



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