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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Moron!!!

Tonight is Cinco de Mayo, a super party op here in Texas! Since we have a co-worker who is moving to the corporate office in the Big Apple, we decided a Cinco de Mayo send off at a Tex-Mex place near her home would be a good idea! WRONG!!

We went to a place called Terlingua Texas Border Cafe on Studemont, right next to her apartment complex. Miss G has passed it a thousand times on her way into and out of the "hood", so it's been on her "bucket list" for a while!

Good God, was that place horrible! We had a beautiful table on the patio that Christine scoped out around 5:30ish, long before the place got crowded. Miss G got there aroung 6, and waited a good 15 minutes before a waiter came to take her order. After another 30 minutes or so, her "frozen" margarita arrived, looking more like a urine sample than a frozen cocktail. In her immense thirst she accepted it, thank goodness, because her next one was more than an hour later! After more randomly interspersed drinks and an eventual order of food, Miss Ginger decided the place wasn't worth her time of day, so we settled and left.

On the way out, Miss G couldn't leave well enough alone, so she went back in and walked up to the solitary white guy in the place, festively decked out in his Dockers and Izod shirt. She walked up behind him and stared daggers into his shoulder at the flat screen register thingy for a good 2 minutes, when she finally put her hand gently on his shoulder and said "hey, dude, are you the manager?" The guy whipped around like a raped ape and and said "yeah", and Miss G said, in her softest Southern accent: "I just wanted to let you know that even though we tipped well, the service tonight sucked!' And do you know what he said?! He said "yea, I know!" To which Miss G said "does it always suck like this?" and he said "no, it's Cinco de Mayo!"

"Really?!" says Miss G, patronizingly? "It's May 5th?! Did that sneak up on you?"
"Well, no," says the douchebag, "we knew it was coming."
"Is this level of service acceptable to you?", asked Miss Ginger?
"Well, it's the best we can do under the circumstances!"
Miss G won't be back.
Zero lipsticks!!!


David Dust said...

In the restaurant biz, there are just some days when you KNOW it's not going to be pretty. Cinco de Mayo at a Mexican bar/restaurant is one of those days.

Think of it this way: in retail, you know that the people shopping on Christmas Eve (or the Sat. before Christmas) are probably not going to have the best shopping experience they've ever had. You can stock the shelves and make sure you have tons of staff working - but the store is still going to be packed, it will be hard to get customer service, and people will have to wait in line to pay for your purchases. It's unavoidable.


David Dust said...

... with that being said, the Manager should have at least PRETENDED to be concerned about your lack of satisfaction.

Sam said...

David I love you right?
But, I disagree with David.
Being born and raised in Texas, one thing is a gimme. You can not fuck up on Mexican Day in Texas!!
Mexican food and establishments are a plenty. Hell it should be called the state food for jeebus sakes.
He, the manager, should have took some sort of action to encourage you to come back regardless.
"It's Cinco de Mayo" is not the right answer.
They should have had their shit together long before May started.
Retail is not the same as the food service industry.
Suck it up and make sure you have your very best ready to go. NO EXCUSES!! That's what they hire managers for, to hire those who can do the job and fire those who are not right for it.
Yes I'll wait in line for the last 5X t-shirt at Christmas, but ho you bring me a cold plate of nachos or a slushie marjariter and biatch it's on.

Coelha :B said...

may be all the employees called in instead of just standing there, he should have helped the other employees!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Outrageous, they deserve to be dissed.


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