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Friday, May 21, 2010

Miss Ginger's Consumer Product Reviews are Back!!

They're back!! Miss G has promised you a couple of Consumer Product Reviews, so here they are!!

Miss Ginger has used juice extractors on and off for many years, in a feeble attempt to supplement her tragic diet of vodka and bar nuts with something a little healthier. She has a major issue with the texture and mouth-feel of all fruits and most vegetables, but juiced, she finds them almost tolerable. However, with most of the centrifugal juicers available in stores, the friction and ensuing heat make the juice separate and foam, which is almost as off-putting at being crunchy or smooshy.

The Hurom operates quite differently, however, and instead of a shredding blade, it has this industrial-strength auger that sort of "chews" the vegetables into juice and spits out the pulp, seeds and all. The side-by-side video is pretty compelling, and is really does work as shown. Plus, no clogging or stalling, and it's extremely easy to clean and reassemble!

The Hurom gets 5 lipsticks!

Next: Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix

Now, dear GingerSnaps, you must know the best Bloody Marys ever on the face of the Earth ere those made by Daddy G on Christmas Morning many moons ago, but alas, those are gone with the man who invented them, and are now just a fond memory. Eveyone makes a Bloody Mary a bit differently, and honestly, Miss G has never met a Bloody Mary she didn't like, but she will admit, some are better than others! That said, she has found that typical Bloody Mary mixes are tolerable a best, sadly dissapointing at their worst.

But for large parties and events, hand-mixed Bloody Marys are just not a practical option, so luckily, Miss Ginger has discovered Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix!! It creates a consistently "rich" bloody mary, with plenty of spice, flavor, and, as the name says, "zing!" And, as Marjorie Dawes would say: "It's low in fat and low in fiber, so you can have as much Zing Zang as you like!"

Zing Zang definitely gets 5 lipsticks!!

Finally, the Google Chrome Web Browser:

Miss Ginger often finds herself frustrated with slow page-loads and worst-possible-moment page freezes when using Internet Explorer, which she considers to be one of the most over-used, underbuilt products on Earth. She downloaded Google Chrome on the recommendations of many others, expecting the holy grail of web browsing and an epiphany of internet speed and bandwidth efficiency.

While she's willing to concede some advantages, she's not ready to uninstall IE just yet. In fact, she's using IE right now.

She has found that for everyday browsing, blogreading, facebook gossiping, and bejeweled blitzing, Chrome excels with noticably faster speed and no page freezing.

However, Miss Ginger is finding that with applications that require interaction with other sorts of "helper" programs, like the page editor on blogger, Chrome doesn't work the same way as IE. For example, she's unable to drag pictures aroung the layout with Chrome, a task she does easily with IE. She has also found that it doesn't work reliably with the online players required to view some of her favorite internet "art films".

So, for that reason, she has to give Chrome 4 lipsticks.

Hope you've enjoyed these CPR's as much as Miss G has enjoyed making them! What should she review next?


Darla said...

i love zing zang too miss ginger! i find it to be very breakfasty!

Bob said...

Zing Zang is zingtastic!!!

kayce. said...

i really like google chrome, and was surprised to find that it's even faster than safari (which is lightyears faster than ie). initially, i wanted to try GC for a full week before deciding whether to switch it to my "default browser," but it convinced me in two days, and that was months ago. the speed, and the fact that the url and search are the same field, is enough for me to recommend this browser to people: so convenient! i will say, however, that i have the same problem as you do w/ certain players ~ mine are mostly music players on blogs though, LOL. i think that as google chrome becomes more popular, those kinks will get worked out.

Kailyn said...

Oh honey please tell me that you have not been using IE all this time. I switched to Firefox many years ago. Much better than IE and no plug-in issues. I use IE only occassionally at work because certain sites within the construction industry will only work with IE but that's finally starting to change. I even got my mom to stop using IE years ago.

Michael Rivers said...

Always love your product reviews!! Hope your weekend is going well!

theminx said...

I use Chrome almost exclusively (I use IE at work for a specific application but not for anything else) and find that I can move images around in Blogger - provided I am using the "new" editor.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

The juicer looks fantastic, and I agree on the never met a bad Bloody Mary mix.

Liando sen said...

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