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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Updates to the Social Calendar!

Miss Ginger has been a busy beaver getting the social calendar updated all the way out to February, 2011!! She needs a cocktail after all that!! It's a true "homosexual agenda!!" Check it out and print a copy for yourself! It's a veritable compendium of all things Ginger!!

Next on the list: "All Hands On Deck: the Love Boat Sails to Gilligan's Island" presented by Aaron Patterson to benefit the Krewe of Olympus- Texas, Inc.

Aaron is a prospective member of the Krewe and a Mr. Mint Julep, and is a major supporter of Miss Ginger and the community!

And, Miss Ginger gets to play that bitch who copied her name, "Ginger Grant"! Should be a lot of fun!!!

And, as fans of Miss Ginger, you'll be the first to know about this "hot off the presses" event!
Be sure to put a big red circle around Saturday, June 19th, for the Krewe's "Waking up in Vegas" party!! This is not your grandpa's casino night, and it's sure to be lots and lots of "stays in Vegas" fun!


Darla said...

these events are so lucky to have Miss Ginger helping out!

Lisa said...

I am grabbing my calendar off the fridge now to add these dates to see which ones we can get our happy rears to attend! Look out, I have a Franklin that goes to March 2011, so keep 'em comin'!


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