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Friday, May 7, 2010

This Might Be Funny...

if it weren't so tragic!

According to the Houston Chronicle, workers for BP have created a "big box" to cover the spewing hole on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. They are hoping to control the flow of oil until they can figure out how to "plug the hole". They may have to plug the hole from the "bottom". The opportunities for sophmoric entendre are endless. Yes, Miss Ginger LOVES a "big box", and yada yada yada. Yet Miss G just doesn't have it in her to joke about it. It's just not funny!

And look at this thing!! It looks like something 2 coon ass guys from Ville Platte would make out of old fishing boats with an acetelyne torch and a few cases of Bondo!

"Hey, Pierre, here's what we gonna do. We gonna go down to ole man Boudreauxs' and get them fishin' boats he has piled up behind da boathouse. Den, we gonna borrow Mr. Lancon's weldin' torch, and we gonna weld dem boats together to make a great big box. Den, we'll take some Bondo and putty dem so it will be nice and tight. Den, once we're done, we'll call T-Claude and Little Pierre to bring their dredgin' barge, and we'll haul it out there and drop it over da hole! Now, you go get da torch, and I'll go over to da Time Savr to get us some beer! We gonna need at least a coupla cases!"

"Tienne, you a GENIUS!"

"Pierre, what you think I did that whole time I was at LSU, jus party and drink beer?!"

Now, Miss Ginger's knowledge of the petroleum industry is rudimentary, to say the least, but there are a few things she does know:

1. That shit is gonna come out of there under extremely high pressure.
2. There will be a volatile mix of oil, gas, and God only knows what else.
3. At some point the gas has to be released and flared off.
4. This feat of "cubic engineering" was conceived and constructed in less than 11 days.
5. Nothing like this has ever been done before.
6. It looks like a porta-potty.

As much as Miss G wants this to work, please forgive her if she is a bit dubious!


Jane said...


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sure hope that this works, it is very sad for the whole gulf region.


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