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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Okay, quickly, before Miss G passes out from exhaustion, is a chance for you to catch up:

Tomorrow is the underwriter "Booze and Schmooze" that Miss G is hosting to (hopefully) convince folks to underwrite the ball this year. Her plan is to get them drunk the minute they hit the door and convince them to write a check while they still have some control of their motor skills. Wish me luck! While Celia's sister cleaned the house today (long story), Boy G cleaned the yard so Miss G could plant some pretty flowers. They completly skipped spring gardening this year and went straight to summer, selecting heat tolerant plants that won't burn up since it is already swealtering in Texas! Pictures later.

She's also been hard at work trying to get the first fundraiser of the year to come to life, and has finally set a date and a venue. That's a load off of her mind... the venue is the hardest part. After that, it's all smooth sailing!

In other news:

The box didn't work. Color Miss Ginger surprised. What's next? A giant shop vac outfitted with a humongous coffee filter to separate the oil from the water? Meanwhile, tar balls are washing up in Alabama. Believe it or not, Alabama actually just got grosser!


Mr. Cushing swears the illegal substance wasn't steroids. And Miss Ginger wants to believe him. She's even given him his key back. But, he's going to have to sleep in the guest room until she's sure. She can't be having a 265 lb. hunk of burning love going off on her in a 'roid rage with her busy schedule! She doesn't have time for such drama!

Betty White on SNL! What a hoot! Miss G will be laughing about "Wizard of Ass" for a long, long time!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Good luck with your fund raisers. And agreed, Betty White rocked the house.

David Dust said...

I am glad you and The Hunk are working through your problems. But, if he proves to be too much for you - please send him to NYC. I will soon be in need of some strong hands to help me move.

Also - I just ADORE Betty White - and her "Huge Dusty Muffin".


Dwight Supremacy said...

Wizard. Of. Ass!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

good luck on your fundraiser. i actually know a couple of street kids who squatted in the houston area in the last couple of years who have been beneficiaries of your work.


Lisa said...

Huge Dusty Muffin....enough said....good luck with the fund raisers....

Dan said...

wizard of asssssssssss!

I have some restraints if the hunk gets to out of hand.

Beth said...

It was so much fun "live Facebooking" with Shane and Matt during Betty White's appearance on SNL, and I was happy to see you on there a little bit, too. It was truly a fun moment as we were all laughing and updating together! XOXO Beth


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