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Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Week in Gingerland!!

OMG so much going on, it may take Miss Ginger a week of posts to catch you all up!

Most importantly, BP has managed to insert a tube into the leaking pipe at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico to collect the fluids erupting uncontrollably from the Earth. Wonder where they got THAT idea?

Miss G spent Saturday at the tire store getting new tires for Veronique. Those low-profile tires, like most things Italian, sure are gorgeous, but also like most things Italian, are quite delicate!
Think about it- that last pair if Italian shoes you bought sure were pretty, but they lasted about a minute! Or take Franco here:
Sure, he's all rugged and beautiful on the outside, but you know he's a big ole momma's boy who cries at the opera! Miss Ginger is so facinated by this phenomena that she has planned a trip to Italy this summer to research it more for you! Stay tuned for those plans and more "Summer Travels with Miss Ginger!"

And closer to home on the fundraising front, Soiree Pelouse was this weekend, but Miss Ginger took a pass. It's not like her to skip a benefit party, especially one that benefits Legacy, but there was something about this one that bugged her. Long ago, for many years, there was a party in Houston called "The Garden Party" that took place every summer on a Sunday afternoon. Since it's demise, LOTS of different groups have organized various and sundry afternoon parties on Sunday, yet none have had the AUDACITY to claim a connection to Garden Party, until this one. It happens on a Sunday afternoon- that's about the only link it has!

Plus, hanging out with a bunch of people dressed as Oompa Loompas on a hot summer afternoon just did not seem like Miss G's idea of a good time. Color her jaded.

Instead, Miss G got some gardening done, spent some time with a dear drag sister who is distraught over the end of a 10 year relationship, and took a nap with the kitties. Good times!
Watch for more News from Gingerland this week as Miss G returns to NOLA, reviews a new kitchen appliance, and shops for clothes for her upcoming engagements!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sound like you had a good weekend. An Italian trip, that sounds wonderful.

Mr.Mischief said...

I thought the same thing when they said they were putting that tube in!

mistress maddie said...

Girl, sounds like your busy as ever! I think were all behind in reading blogs!!! Iy has been just nuts. And I now getting caught up reading again! I miss my Miss G fix!

MadeInScotland said...

reminds me of when I had that thing in my bladder via my penis!



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