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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No News is, Well, No News....

It's still leaking. BP is clearly woefully negligent. And now my friends in New Orleans are reporting that the whole city smells like diesel fuel. I guess Miss G will find out for herself next week. It's so, so sad.

Mr. Cushing has revealed that he tested positive for HGc, which is NOT a steroid. It is a compound frequently taken by steroid users between "cycles" to reverse the tesicular shrinkage caused by steroid use. That is SO much better. Miss Ginger is certain he is doing this out of consideration for her, just in case she decides she would enjoy a little "teabagging". Which she might, if Sarah Palin and her ilk had not ruined that word for the rest of us!!!


Kailyn said...

The insurance broker we use at work is in Hoiston. I talked to them today. They said that thing's still not capped. They also said they'll hate me come summer when we have fresh local oysters and they don't. So sad.

Wonder Man said...

sad to hear that about New O.


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