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Monday, January 24, 2011

Miss Ginger is Dubious!

Would you buy a condo on a 600 ft long boat?  As much as the idea intrigues Miss Ginger, most condo investments lose their value faster than a sinking penny, so she can only imagine what would happen with a floating condo!

And while the idea of wintering in the South and summering in more northern climes is intriguing, Miss G doesn't think that's a very solid selling point. Seriously, think about how difficult it would be to live on this thing!

1. "Sorry I'm late, Boss. When I went to sleep I was in Texas, but this morning I woke up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast! Made for a hell of a commute!"

2."Honey, we're out of bread!"  "Tough shit!  Last time I ran to the grocery store I spent the summer on a park bench while you cruised the Ozarks!"

3."We're so glad you came to visit! Before I serve the salad, my husband will conduct a quick lifeboat drill. Your life jackets are located in a pouch under your dining room chair...."

4. "I know Johnny looks a little old for high school, but every time he missed the bus, it took another year before we could loop back and get him back into school!"

Would you live in a floating condo?  What sort of interesting predicaments could you foresee it causing?


David Dust said...

I would imagine they would have some sort of grocery/gourmet store on-board - but can you imagine how much they would charge for everything?!? They could get away with highway (waterway?) robbery because there would be no other choice but to buy on-board. Or paddle ashore.

The whole idea is weird.


Jane said...

If I could be sure it would not lose value. Maybe I'd have to take a barge vacation first - you know, like in Europe. I've always wanted to "live on the water" ... so, maybe yes.


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