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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Start Your Engines!!

Last night was the premiere of the 3rd season of RuPaul's Drag Race, and since my dear friend David Dust doesn't catch Logo in his new abode, Miss Ginger thought she would do the sisterly thing and catch him up on the highlights!  Mind you, Miss G doesn't have the attention span for a full recap, so consider this highlight reel more like "Cream of RuPaul" soup!!

Our season begins, as all do, with the requisite tranny parade as the girls arrive, one by one, into the trannyshack. 

First in, Delta Work, a plus size girl with a sense of style and a strong presence.  Miss G liked her instantly.

Next, Carmen Carrera, the polar opposite of Delta. She is skinny, tragic, and Miss G took an instant dislike. Then, when that Joisey accent came out, it got even worse.  She's not as pretty as she thinks she is.

A few more queens trickle in, with no particularly notable characteristics.  Miss G's trusty sharpie scribbled their names, but the notes about them are pretty nondescript. 

Then enters Stacy Love Matthews, a big Southern Momma from Back Swamp, North Carolina.  Yes, you read that right... Back Swamp! You know it... it's just up the dirt road from Front Swamp... right next to Left Swamp!   Anyho,  Stacy channels a bit Mo'nique, a bit Nell Carter, and a whole lotta soul!  Miss G likes her!

After a few more queens, in walks Mariah. At first, Miss G thought she carried herself like an African American Shannel, but later in the episode she redeemed herself by helping a big queen out of a jam, so Miss G decided she must be good people!

Miss G racked her brain trying to think of who Alexis Mateo reminded her of, and then it hit her:  Georgia Engel, Georgette on the Mary Tyler Moore Show!  Not in appearance- Alexis is much darker; and not in sound- Alexis has a Puerto Rican accent!  It's just the way she hold her mouth and tongue.  Alexis is also the cutest boy of the group!!

The last queen in was Raja, who entered wearing this bizarre cyclops hat, not boobs, and tattoos on her arms.  Miss G was instantly turned off by her, but interestingly enough she won both challenges, so there must be something there.  Raja is one of the rare trannys who is actually much prettier as a boy than a girl, and she also found him to speak extremely well,  as though he has been well-educated and brought up in a very proper family.  Miss G wasn't so much intrigued by Raja, but she thinks Boy Raja would be interesting to get to know.

So, that the rundown of Miss Ginger's faves.  Who did you like?  Any prediction for a winner yet?


David Dust said...

Awwww ... thank you sweetie. I am bereft without my RuPaul fix!!!


mistress maddie said...

Well, I don't know who will win.I'm hoping Mimi Imfurst who performs here and in New York will win. But I think mimi,raja,mariah and venus d-lite will be in the finals. And I adore Delta Work. I have seen her dreamgirls show twice on the coast. She has a good chance too! Great run day girl!

behrmark said...

I have to root for Delta since she hails from two cities over from me. She's also the former roommate of a friend AND I've met her as a boy. She really does have a style and grace that the other dragtestants lack, imo. And for the record, I don't have Logo either; I watched the episode last night on

Joy said...

Hope you keep posting about this every week. I'm catching up now with the reruns.

Mr. Bare said...

Raja has been the make up guy on America's next top model.


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